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Kiki World

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Kamil Goldmann, together with his wife Kasia, runs the "Kiki Świat" channel. "Kiki Świat" is a Vlog about life in a caravan, Karawaningu, traveling and making dreams come true.

Kamil travels with Kasia from the beginning – how have they met since 2006 year, just hadn't filmed before. W 2009 years they got married.

Kamil's adventure with YouTube has begun 8 brand 2017 year. On that day, Kamil added the first video about it, as planned (with his wife Kasia and three children Szymon, Nadia and Ania) buy a caravan.

You Tube blocked comments on the Kiki Świat channel due to showing children in films. Some movies are hated – what hurts Kamil – “like hammering pins”, but he tries to quickly forget about it and do his thing. Sometimes, because of negative comments, Kamil wants to stop filming. He is ashamed of these people, which they referred very vulgarly in their comments.

Kamil's age – 35 Years – was born in December 1984 year. Kamil claims that he is the worst father in the world and fatherhood is beyond him – which cannot be seen in the movies. Kamil traveled with his parents from an early age, every year he went to tent in the mountains and abroad to Bulgaria, he valued this time and these journeys very much, They fascinated him so much that he continues to travel with his family.

Kasia's age – 34 patch- was born in May 1985 year. Kasia from 12 years on a gluten-free diet – she is celiac. Kasia likes reading books very much and she likes training. In primary school, learning geography about straits – Kasia dreamed of being in the Strait of Gibraltar and years later she made her dream come true. Thanks to Kamil, she left the country for the first time in 2007 year.

Apart from traveling, Kamil loves to play the guitar, drums, keyboardzie, he likes making music and writing lyrics.

In the first week of running the channel – Kiki World channel had 2 subscribers and for these two people Kamil decided to record films.

After purchasing the trailer, the channel's viewership began to increase. Over time, many interesting topics appeared to be shown by Kamil, since then, he has been systematically recording films about caravanning.

Canal Kiki World aroused the interest of a large number of viewers, because they were interested – what it's like to have and travel in a caravan.

photo source – Instagram

Canal Kiki World has almost 400 you. subscription – and the best movies viewership over 3 million views.

Kamil and the family's goal was not to buy the trailer itself, but a dream come true of traveling around Europe with three children, the trailer was just the tool needed to achieve this goal.

After many months of preparation, Kamil and his family – 12 house 2018 year he set off on a journey with a caravan. For a month and a half, the family lived in a trailer and traveled around Europe.

Kamil recorded films on the Kiki Świat channel every day, to familiarize viewers with the advantages and disadvantages of living in a trailer.

Kiki Świat channel shows movies without profanity and swearing, therefore they can be viewed together with the children.

Many episodes on the channel are dedicated to repair, operation and improvement of the caravan.

photo source – Instagram

On the Kiki Świat channel you can see many interesting places all over Europe and also in Poland, we can “visit” sitting in front of the screen.

The name of the KiKi Świat channel was derived from the given names: Kasia and Kamil and the World = KiKi World.

The trailer that Kamil travels with his family is an English Bailey Discovery Limousine caravan. Różni się tym, that it has an entrance on the left side compared to European caravans. The side of the door does not matter on the campsite, because you can turn the trailer the way you want. A minor problem during roadside stops (often on the road) it's a bit dangerous, because the exit is on the road, and not on the "roadside". Be careful with children.

photo source – Instagram

Kamil and Kasia run their own business. Sprzedają poradniki o budowie domu – which they recorded with the help of my dad, poradniki o grze na perkusji, and additionally earn on rent 3 flats and “additional” profits from the Kiki Świat channel – 400 thousand subscriptions.

Kamil and his family live in Gołaszyn near Leszno.