Bartek Czukiewski "Without a Plan"

Bartek Czukiewski No Plan

Bartek Czukiewski "Without a Plan"

Age – 40 Years.
Place of birth – Lubin near Legnica.
Place of residence – Legionowo near Warsaw from 1986 year.
Education – Economist, Completed in 2004 at the Warsaw School of Economics.
job – By 14 Years – Trade on the Internet – Sale of watches and jewelery.

Bartek Czukiewski since February 2017 year runs a travel channel Without a Plan on Youtube – 418 you. subscription. According to the name of the channel "Bez Plan", Bartek makes decisions about trips quite spontaneously.

Bartek started his first journeys without a camera at the age of 20 17 Years, together with the younger Fr. 2 years brother traveled to Slovakia. The first major trip in 2000 years of age 20 years visited New York – uncle Józek – construction work. Bartek's mother borrowed the money for the ticket and it was the first flight from Warsaw to New York.

W 2004 year, for two months Bartek lived in Serbia in the city of Nis. He was a student internship with Iseek, in a confectionery company.

Bartek likes to go to a country where he doesn't understand the language, in order to “don't listen to silly conversations in supermarkets”, likes to be detached from reality.

Bartek's brother Tomek runs a historical channel on YouTube – Interesting Stories.

Bartek and his brother Tomek have similar voices and sometimes my mother does not recognize who she is talking to on the phone.

Canal Without a Plan you can associate mainly with materials recorded in a crisis torn apart Venezuela. Besides, it also contains videos from the following countries: Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Transnistria, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Serbia, Uganda, Rwanda, Ukraine, Albania.

Bartek tries to take viewers to places, in which he shows the world like this, how he sees him: sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes spectacular, and sometimes just plain. With varying degrees of success, he tries to catch nuances and curiosities and show viewers things that may be of interest to Poles.

Bartek likes to travel and he likes beautiful women of exotic beauty. He was associated with 21 summer Kisbell from Venezuela. He is currently traveling with Ignalin from Venezuela.

BezPlanu is a travel documentary channel. Initially, Bartek presented a journey through Southeast Asia, during which they visited the Philippines with their friend Ula, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Bartek and Ula traveled the last two countries on a small motorcycle, covering the route from Saigon to the Laos border in over a month, Burma and China.

The real success of the channel came with the series of films from Venezuela. Bartek lived there for a year in total, presenting a country torn by hyperinflation up close, queues and shortages of products. Apart from Venezuela, the author visited and showed other countries of this region: Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic to Haiti.

Another milestone of the channel was the series about the unrecognized country: Transnistria, which few Europeans are aware of. final, the African series appeared early 2020 years and counts so far 4 episodes from Uganda, aiming in total 2,1 million views.

Bartek likes sad music, touching that causes her back to go chills, what can be heard often on sound inserts in movies.

Bartek Czukiewski ran a fundraiser for the poorest children from the largest slum in Venezuela. We managed to collect a total of over 73 thousands of zlotys. Bartek said, that the amount is so large, that thanks to it, he will equip the Mi Refugio eatery in Petare with the necessary equipment. The rest of the money will be donated to the diner.

In April 2020 BezPlanu Roku was nominated in the Travelery competition organized by National Geographic.