Likelihood of death from coconut

Likelihood of death from coconut

Death is the only sure thing in life. However, the way, in which it reaches us, has nothing to do with certainty. Secret documents from the British government revealed a week ago, that in 1980 Scientists were commissioned to calculate the likelihood of a Briton dying from a falling asteroid. The research was aimed at proving public opinion, that nuclear energy is safe, and there are plenty of others in the world, more deadly things than a nearby nuclear reactor. When the guys in white coats began to calculate, it turned out, that the asteroid impact would prove fatal to one UK inhabitant… seven thousand years. Following the disclosure of this information, the British daily “The Daily Mirror” tried to present a few more or less probable ways of meeting “the grim scythe”. And yes: the probability of dying from a shark attack is 1 do 300 million. Every year approx 40 people fall victim “jaw”. However, this number is constantly growing, because more and more people are choosing to rest on the coast, where the sharks live. Probability, that we will die from the impact of a falling coconut it 1 do 250 million. This way, about 1,000 people are killed each year 150 people.

There is a much greater chance of meeting the Creator as a result of a plane crash – 1 do 11 million. 1300 people are killed this way every year. Young men are most likely to recover from a disaster alive, but approx 12 proc. these, survivors of the fall then die of shock.

1 do 10 million is the probability of dying from an explosion in the nearest nuclear reactor. However, this result is constantly growing due to the terrorist threat and the depletion of traditional energy sources.

Chance, That “grim scythe” will come to us as a result of a terrorist attack 1 do 9,3 million. Only in 2007 years have been reported worldwide 651 significant attacks, about two thousand people died.

Death of a left-handed person as a result of using items intended for right-handed people happens once in a while 4,4 a million cases. It's almost like this every year 2,5 thousand people. The most deadly weapon is the chainsaw.

1 do 3,5 a million is a chance, that we will die from a snake bite. Annually meets this 25 thousands of people, it is most dangerous in India.

If you live in Great Britain this is your chance, that you will be crushed by a falling ladder, totals 1 do 2,3 million. While 1 to two million is the probability, that you will fall out of bed with death.

Trains turn out to be much more dangerous than planes. The probability of going to the other side as a result of a train crash is as high as 1 do 500 thousands.

Cars are even more deadly. Every day, all over the world, it dies as a result of road accidents 3 thousands of people, and the probability, that we will be it 1 up to eight thousand.

The best chance to say goodbye to this world, however, is to detect cancer in our body (1 in five cases) and heart attack or stroke (1 do 2,5). Every two minutes in the world someone has a heart attack.