Which bread to choose

Which bread to choose

In bakeries and shops, we can find a really huge amount of various types of bread. Sometimes we don't know, what should we choose and we decide on the first loaf. Meanwhile, bread is one of the basic components of our diet and it is worth considering it, what we buy.

First of all, having a choice of bread and rolls, we should decide on the second option. Nowadays, enormous amounts of sugar and chemical leavening agents are added to all buns, which we cannot find in bread or there are much less of them in bread.

In the case of bread, it is important whether it is a loaf packed in a plastic bag or not. To, which are packed are the so-called. bread with extended validity. It is possible, of course, thanks to the addition of preservatives. So let's decide on a whole loaf (Of course, it may be cut in a bakery, in front of our eyes). Jeżeli kupujmy pieczywo w dużych sklepach rozglądnijmy się po pólkach i przeczytajmy etykietę w poszukiwaniu informacji o tym, is it not made of deep-frozen dough?. If that's so, let's give up such a purchase.

If we have no health contraindications, choose bread made from whole grain flour. It contains large amounts of fiber and B vitamins (respectively - the health of the digestive and nervous systems).

Let's also choose bread, which is made with sourdough, instead, baked with yeast.