Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us energy to act as soon as we wake up. Therefore, this meal should be properly balanced. We should also not take it lightly and leave the house without food. It is also worth remembering about the second breakfast.

What for breakfast?

There are many possibilities. It all depends on this, how much time do we have to make breakfast, what is our taste, and our health recommendations. This should be borne in mind, that the breakfast cannot be heavy and greasy. So it's better to give up frying, especially e.g.: bacon. For the first meal, I recommend choosing vegetables and fruit. If we have time, we can prepare a quick and simple salad, e.g.: from lettuce, chives and radishes. It is also worth including dairy products in your diet, np.: eggs, or cheese. Eating white bread is also increasingly discouraged. Instead, use wholemeal bread, be whole grain. It is because it is less fattening and provides more valuable micronutrients.

Coffee, tea, or maybe water?

Many people wonder, whether tea and coffee for breakfast is a healthy choice. So, none of these drinks are harmful to your health. As long as we drink them in reasonable amounts, maximum 4 cups daily. We can add milk to the coffee, to make up for calcium deficiencies. We can turn black tea into cleansing green tea, be more energy red. If our sandwich lacks vegetables, it's worth drinking the juice, preferably freshly squeezed.

2nd breakfast

The second breakfast is as important as the first one. However, it is worth preparing your second breakfast at home. Overeating on food purchased at the Fast food bar, be a bought sweet croissant will not necessarily help us.

The most popular way to make a second breakfast is a sandwich. This is due to the convenience of eating it in conditions far from home. As in the case of the first breakfast, the sandwich should be light and not fattening. Additionally, we should prepare it from ingredients, which do not break down easily. Lettuce will be the best in this case, cheese, dried sausages. Zamiast kanapki możemy również wziąć ze sobą dowolny owoc, np.: banana, or an apple.