How to make homemade pudding

How to make homemade pudding

On store shelves you will find a lot of different types of puddings. This milk snack is loved by young and old alike. Unfortunately, ready mixes contain a lot of preservatives. That's why it's worth knowing a way to do it, to prepare this dessert at home. Otherwise, sometimes we want a tasty snack, and we have no idea for that, what can we prepare. In such a situation, a home-made pudding is a good solution.

To prepare such a dessert, we will need two types of flour: potato and wheat. The third essential ingredient will be milk. Let's not forget about sugar as well.

A glass of capacity 250 Half fill the ml with milk. Add to this amount of liquid 1,5 tablespoons of potato flour and wheat flour and 2 spoons of sugar. We mix very thoroughly. It is best if we do this with a small whisk. Pour 450ml of milk into a pot and boil it. When the milk starts to boil, pour the previously prepared mixture of other ingredients into the pot. We mix very quickly all the time, aż nasz budyń nie zgęstnieje. Ready!

W zależności od tego jaki smak chcemy uzyskać możemy dodać do szklanki odrobinę wanilii lub kakao.

Such a dessert is very quick and tasty. We can also use home pudding as a basis for the cake mass (mix with a cube of margarine). If we like a dense pudding, add more potato flour, and if less frequent, we reduce its addition.

It has a slightly different consistency, than the one prepared from the purse.