Is ice cream unhealthy

Is ice cream unhealthy

Ice cream is a very popular delicacy. Probably none of us can imagine a vacation and lazing in a pleasant sun without a scoop of our favorite ice cream. Usually we don't ask ourselves if our dessert is healthy. However, it is worth knowing the answer to them, at least to be able to explain to our child and be a more aware consumer.

Let's start with that, that the topic is whether ice cream is healthy, we should consider the traditional ice cream product, which we can buy in portions or scoops in confectioneries with a long tradition.

Products, which we can buy ready-made in stores are definitely less beneficial to our health than traditional ice cream. They contain large amounts of preservatives, dyes and a large addition of sugar. They are often not even cream-based, but it is replaced by powdered milk. However, both traditional and shop ice cream undoubtedly have a few advantages for our health.

In the case of fruit ice cream, we can be tempted to say, that it is a relatively low-calorie snack. Unfortunately, ice cream with the addition of dried fruit or nuts contains large amounts of calories.

They also have the ability to soothe sore throats and reduce swelling.

They are also not difficult to digest, they can be consumed by people with stomach problems, and even with ulcers.

They also give you a great feeling of refreshment and help lower your body temperature on a hot and hot day.

If you want a sweet dessert, it is definitely better to opt for ice cream, than a heavy and very caloric cake with a mass.