What a vegetarian diet should look like

What a vegetarian diet should look like.

Vegetarianism involves avoiding animal proteins, therefore people leading such a lifestyle must replace protein with other products. There is no problem, to prepare meals of this type - you can even prepare traditional dishes in a vegetarian version.

Thanks to the use of plant substitutes, we can avoid vitamin deficiencies, anemia and counteract depression and other illnesses.

It is worth paying attention, that vegetarianism is divided into several types:

Veganism - a menu based only on plant-based products - fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts, legumes, sprouts, plant milk

Fruatianism - a diet based on the 75 % on fruit; variety of veganism
Vitarianism - a menu based only on raw vegetables and fruit

Lacto-vegetarianism - in addition to products of plant origin, you also eat milk. Its variation is lecto-vegetarianism - they also include eggs in their diet.

Semi- vegetarianism - exclude red meat, however, they allow eggs, milk, poultry, seafood, fishes.

Here is a sample menu of a balanced vegetarian diet

a bowl of lean cottage cheese with radish and chives ( calcium, protein)
A glass of carrot juice ( beta carotene, vitamins)

2nd breakfast:
A bowl of cooked vegetables with steamed chickpeas sprinkled with a spoonful of olive oil
A glass of fruit and vegetable juice ( chickpeas have protein in them,)

A plate of broccoli cream ( a lot of minerals)
4 tablespoons long grain brown rice ( carbohydrates)
a small bowl of lettuce ( minerals antioxidants)
A small bowl of cabbage salad with carrots and onions with a natural yoghurt sauce
A glass of tomato juice ( acids that aid digestion, antioxidants)

A bowl of tomato with feta cheese
A glass of carrot-apple juice

tortilla with chickpea falafel and tomato sauce

A vegetarian diet is assumed, that you do not eat meat, but a vegan diet assumes, that you don't eat plant-based products. Completely different “split off” This diet is fashionable recently Raw food, i.e. eating raw vegetables and fruits.