Refreshing drinks without alcohol for the party

Refreshing drinks without alcohol for the party

Refreshing cocktails don't have to be just drinks with alcohol. Some of the guests may be abstinent, drivers or expect a baby. Then it is worth thinking about it, How to entertain, these, who will not reward themselves with percentages. Here are some suggestions.

When it comes to drinks, tea is the underestimated ingredient of the best. Tea-based drinks will be useful not only on hot days, but really always. With the help of tea, we can conjure up delicious drinks, that will delight the guests. The base, We are talking about it is suitable for both the alcohol-free and non-alcoholic version. You just need to prepare the appetizers and you can invite guests.

Fruit tea cocktail (4 portions)
1 orange
1 spoon of honey or brown sugar
1 Cup
1 a cup of pineapple juice
4 chilled black tea cups
4 thick lemon slices.
Crushed ice
We cut the orange peel with a peeler or knife. We remove the white flesh and cut the fruit into pieces. We sprinkle with sugar / pour honey. We divide the orange flesh into four glasses and pour over each 1/4 of pineapple juice and one cup of tea. We refill the glass with ice. Finally, decorate the glass with a lemon slice

Mojito non-alcoholic (4 portions)

2 sliced ​​limes
4 a teaspoon of cane sugar
12 fresh mint leaves
L litr Sprite
1 liter of sparkling water
Ice cubes

We prepare four glasses and throw them into each of them 3-4 mint leaves and sliced ​​lime. Add a teaspoon of sugar and fill it up with water and sprite in proportions 1:1. We mix everything with a long spoon. Ready!


4 ripe kiwi fruit
1 banana · 2 cups of green tea
1 spoon of honey
3/4 glasses of crushed ice

Peel the fruit and divide it into parts, then we add honey to them, cooled down tea and honey. We mix everything. We mix and pour into tall glasses.