Cold snacks, or how to shine at a party

Cold snacks, or how to shine at a party.

You are preparing the menu for a house party? Are you looking for inspiration? Your guests will surely appreciate the class in an innovative form. Here are some ideas for tasty snacks, that will satisfy even the most demanding people.
The advantage of cold snacks is, the fact that they taste great even when lying on a plate for several hours. Secondly, they can be made very quickly without having to spend the whole day in the kitchen. Thirdly, they are eaten "all at once" so the risk of getting dirty is small. Ultimately, this is also a plus, that they can be used to bite another shot in the event of an alcoholic event. Whether, do you want to make theme snacks, or just serving a beer - these few recipes will inspire you.

3 long baguettes
3 mozzarella cheese packaging
30 a dag of Parma ham
2 packaging for cherry or cocktail tomatoes
basil leaves
Slice the baguette and drizzle with olive oil. Put the pieces of cheese and sliced ​​other toppings on them, sprinkle a little salt on top, peppercorns and spices, which you like.


They can take many forms. Here are some proven connections, that everyone will like.
Cookies with ham: miniature bottom made of dark bread, a slice of canned ham, little gherkin, basil leaf.
Feta cheese dumplings: rice mini waffle, a cube of feta cheese, stuffed olive, 1 a thick onion ring, 1 cherry tomato.
Slices with salmon: a piece of smoked salmon, rocket leaf, black olive stuffed, a piece of lemon
Cheese and fruit corks: a piece of pear, blue cheese, grape, be gouda
Sweet and sour cakes: squatters, be gouda, pepper, radish, a piece of kiwi, basil

Rich salad
be done
olive oil
A method of preparing: we cut the ingredients and mix

Avocado paste, feta and garlic
100 gram sera feta
2 garlic cloves
broccoli or sunflower sprouts
a teaspoon of lemon juice
Preparation: We mix the ingredients with a blender. The paste is suitable as a dip for vegetables, squattersów, nachos or breads.