Gadgets, that must be in your kitchen

Gadgets, that must be in your kitchen.

Proper kitchen development is a very important matter. Here is the list of items, which should be in this type of space.

Set of kitchen knives
Decent knives, which enable precise cutting are the basis of every kitchen equipment. This investment should not be treated too leniently. A suitable set of knives consisting of those intended for cutting fruit, peeling vegetables, chopping meat, fish filleting and bread splitting will allow you to deal with many kitchen tasks much faster and minimize the risk of accidents.

Hand blender
Seemingly not necessary, yet without it, food preparation takes much longer. A multifunctional mixer will serve us in many situations, when we want to grind something, wipe off, mix. We can make mute delicious cream thanks to it, pasta sauce, fruit cocktail, home-made mayonnaise, sorbet, paste or make cakes. The assortment of shops is so rich, that we can buy blenders in a very wide price list - the value varies from several dozen zlotys to even several thousand

Electronic scale
This simple device allows for more precise measuring of ingredients, so we can make even very complex recipes. Recipes often contain a very detailed description of the amount of ingredients, what we should add. The small size of the weight will allow it to be more efficient, and thus more pleasant cooking without having to bother with the measurement and weight system and converting products into glasses or sprinkling "by eye".

A decent frying pan is the basis of cooking. They should be properly selected for the purpose. We choose different types of pans for frying pancakes, on the other hand, we will fry the meat on a completely different basis, or eggs. One universal pan should be wide and made of fabric, to which the products do not stick. You should also remember, that in the case of an induction cooker it should be a pan that meets the technological possibilities.

I recently bought a timer, a spaghetti measure and a potato press. This is what I missed the most.

Spaghetti Measure? And what does it look like? I have not seen such a gadget yet.

As for the pan, I agree, but the rest is not what I need to be happy, although recently I was thinking about the weight and the timer, for convenience.

In fact, each of these gadgets make life easier in some way. That is why it is worth thinking about them.

I am terrible “reptilian” so I am sure to purchase something from the accessories mentioned.

I don't like having too many redundant kitchen appliances. So with some gadgets I limit myself very much.

I recently fell ill with such a funny little girl-shaped corkscrew. Of course, I already have a regular one at home, but I think I'll buy it. I just like such gadgets 🙂