How to properly store wine?

How to properly store wine?

How to properly store wine to be able to preserve the unique properties of the wine until the bottle is opened.

The quality of the wine is influenced, among other things, by the conditions, in which it is stored. Heat, light and air can have a negative effect on its properties. Even if we are not avid wine connoisseurs, we like to drink a glass from time to time, we can certainly gain some flavor by using a wine cooler, which provide the appropriate conditions for the storage of this noble drink as well as maintain the ideal temperature for its serving.

First of all, they need to be kept at a constant temperature. It cannot be exposed to excessive heat or cold. If you do not want to run to the basement, a small refrigerated display cabinet that will fit in any kitchen may actually be a good solution.. It should also lie in a horizontal position.

First of all, wine needs to be kept at a constant temperature. So the best room would be the basement. Besides, it usually has to lie down, that the fluid touches the stopper.

Constant temperature, tightly sealed bottles, protection from sunlight is indeed the appropriate factor. The wine may be lying, but it can also be stored on special wine racks, then it is at an angle.

Wine should be kept in a dark place. I have a special cabinet for this and it works best.

Wine should be stored in a dry and cool place. However, a lot also depends on the proper transport of the bottles – among other things, a fact, that it will reach the store or the customer intact. It is therefore worth taking a look at the kedu website and read how to transport bottles – of course, the right containers and the method of transport are very important here.