Harmful combinations of food products – which products must not be combined

Harmful combinations of food products – which products must not be combined.

1. Tomato and cottage cheese

Frequent breakfast combination, it is not really very healthy for the body. The calcium in cheese combines with the acids , which are present in the tomato and react to form insoluble crystals. They then build up in the joints and cause pain, e.g.. while moving.

2. Kiwi and jelly
You want to make a fruit salad with jelly? Don't use kiwi then. This fruit has a certain relationship, which destroys collagen - a component of gelatin. For this reason, kiwi jelly does not thicken. Additionally, collagen destruction, that it does not reach our joints, a is necessary for their proper operation.

3. Mushrooms and alcohol
If you are going to eat ravioli with mushrooms during a romantic dinner, you better refrain from this intention. Percentages cut protein, which makes the mushrooms much more difficult to digest. Moreover, the combination of some mushrooms with alcohol, np. blackbird can lead to acute health complications and poisoning.

4. Fish and sunflower oil
Fish is known to be a rich source of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids 3. We can destroy this wealth of boon by frying them or using sunflower oil. This is all because, that this oil contains a large amount of omega6 fatty acids, which suppress beneficial acids.

5. Potatoes and butter
This combination is very popular. There is nothing better than jacket potatoes with a little butter and fresh herbs. However, it is not a good combination, because potatoes have a high glycemic index. Adding butter increases the effect, making such a duo difficult to digest and can have a negative effect, especially on people who have problems with cholesterol, diabetes or being overweight.

Wow, I'm shocked, I've never heard anything like it, but man learns all his life.

A-yeah… okay. I've been wrong all my life! I was eating tomatoes with cottage cheese, sincerely believing it, that I am giving myself a healthy meal, and here you are… Wiem za to, that cucumber and tomato work in a similar way. These vegetables are not combined, because the tomato destroys the trace elements present in the cucumber (bad tomato, be).