Is red wine healthy

Is red wine healthy

Red wine is often listed as alcohol, which can contribute to the improvement of our health.

Proponents of such views, of course, are right. Actually, red wine belongs to the product group, which, when consumed in appropriate amounts, can contribute to maintaining the proper condition of our health.

Red wine has the most beneficial effects in relation to the cardiovascular system. It is possible, thanks to the high concentration of the chemical - resevaratrol. It is a relationship, which is in the skin of dark grapes, therefore only red wine exhibits such properties.

Reseveratrol has a protective effect against the walls of arteries and blood vessels. Means, that they prevent the processes of vascular endothelial degradation and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis (thereby reducing the likelihood of having a heart attack and stroke). It also has a good effect on cholesterol levels, helping to settle it. Due to the content of polyphenols, it also delays the aging process of the body.

But let's remember, that although red wine has a good effect on our health, it is still alcohol and we should not consume more than one glass a day.