Gift ideas for boyfriend

Gift ideas for boyfriend.

The presented ideas are sorted from the cheaper ones, to the more expensive ones, the most expensive one should not cost more than 500 PLN. A great gift plus a romantic dinner will surely charm him.

1. A good book - an author that your boyfriend likes
2. Unlimited cinema card for a selected cinema chain, if or cinema
3. Thermo mug for the driver, if he drives a lot and likes coffee
4. A bottle opener, if he likes gadgets
5. A book with scientific curiosities, if he is a researcher
6. Small Powerbank, so that he can always have his phone on when you want to call
7. Desk watch, never be late to meetings
8. Zippo lighter, if he is a smoker
9. Set of shaving cosmetics, if he cares about himself
10. Set of beer mugs, if he likes a barley drink
11. T-shirt with a cool print, on the Internet you will find a lot
12. Sports bag, when it comes to the gym, it will definitely come in handy
13. Car phone holder
14. Video game, if he is a fan - check, what's on the shelf and ask the seller.
15. Voucher to be used for games to be bought online, e.g.. that steam, origin itp.
16. Language learning kit, if he is a traveler or a fan of science
17. Cooling cubes for drinks if he likes whiskey and fine drinks,
18. Match tickets, if he is a sports fan
19. Cheap flights to a lovely corner for the weekend
20. A gym pass with individual training under the supervision of a trainer if you are a lover of physical activity.
21. Safety razor with replaceable blades
22. Men's beautician, so he can clean up the piles of bottles from his bathroom,
23. Massage pass, of course with Mr. Masseur, so that you don't get jealous
24. Punching bag, if he cares about his condition,
25. Digital Camera, so that he can capture all the moments, especially those spent with you,
26. Bartending course if you are a fan of various drinks
27. Car massage mat, so that he can relax on his way to you,
28. Leather belt, to look good when meeting your parents
29. Music festival tickets, if he is a music fan
30. Car GPS kit, so that he can always find his way and find you