Why steaming is healthy

Why steaming is healthy

Why steaming is healthy?

Well equipped, modern kitchens, at our disposal, they offer us a variety of food processing options. One of them is steaming.

Steaming will be the easiest, if we stock up on a special pot. We can also choose an overlay for an ordinary pot, and if we don't have any of the tools, we can cook with an ordinary colander or cloth. By steaming, we can prepare both meat, fishes, yak and vegetables or fruit.

This method of heat treatment has extremely many advantages. Przygotowują jedzenie w ten sposób nie zwiększamy gęstości kalorycznej, ponieważ nie dodajemy żadnych produktów ułatwiających obróbkę termiczną np. oil.

Steamed products also retain all their nutritional value. We do not lose water-soluble vitamins. They are crunchy and tasty. They also keep their natural, fresh color.

Steaming is also a way to prepare an easily digestible one, low-calorie dishes for people suffering from diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

It is worth convincing yourself to steam cooking, because it's a quick way to prepare a healthy meal.