Interesting facts about rapeseed oil

Interesting facts about rapeseed oil

The European Union launched the "Love rapeseed oil" campaign in Poland, promoting the health properties of rapeseed oil. The whole action started in September 2011 year. The promotional campaign is half financed by the EU.

Rapeseed oil protects vitamin C and B vitamins contained in food. In addition, it facilitates the absorption of vitamin K, A, D i beta- carotene from food. Scientists proved, that the absorption of vitamins is much faster and more efficient, when we regularly supply the body with rapeseed oil. Means, that we should use this oil in all dishes, to benefit from its healing properties and to get the most out of natural vitamins.

Regular consumption of rapeseed oil improves the mood! Research on the properties of cold-pressed rapeseed oil has proven, that it helps treat depression and prevents anxiety. It is especially recommended for people with a recurring feeling of sadness and depression.

Rapeseed oil has the best proportion of omega acid 6 and omega acid 3. As a result, it inhibits the process of blood vessel growth in tumors and prevents the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, it can be said with a clear conscience, rapeseed oil prevents cancer.

A diet rich in omega fatty acids 3 and omega 6 helps to balance blood sugar levels. Rapeseed oil is recommended for people suffering from type II diabetes. It alleviates its symptoms and complications. It increases muscle sensitivity to insulin.