Far from the nose – Professor Alsatian's new skin

Far from the nose – “Professor Alsatian's new skin”

Ever since my Czesio dumped me, somehow, the world began to interest me little. Formerly, I was eager to learn something, I listened, and now it's just mediocrity over mediocrity. Basia even told me that, I was getting so sad as a nun I made. Who knows, maybe I really should get out of the monastery gate? After all, I am already a sister…

But something from this contemporary world reaches me. Yesterday for this example, I thought, that the head physician and Kidler will tear Nowak apart. The denunciation went to the Medical Chamber, that he has been with us for five years and our doctors cannot recognize the disease. Bidak did not want to admit it, but it was for sure, that it would end up with a double enema for him.

First, however, Łubicz ordered a combat alert, because in connection with the denunciation, for control, professor Wilczur was to arrive. I wanted to laugh, that now they are sending quitters for control from the room, what is even my Czesio… means… does not matter.

have a teacher, it wasn't even professors, just an ordinary professor. Kidler did not realize it and he immediately approached her with his paws. And that's why little of the job was fired. But then he hooked up with Shock, and that Wolfhere nearly twisted. Kidler somehow miraculously healed her and he would almost have gotten a raise without it. But his hand is hard to shake, but a light language. Well, the matter went well. The professor also wants to drag us through the courts…

But I don't care. I refuse an hour, I started going to Mass in the hospital chapel. And it is all mediocrity over mediocrity.