Far from the nose – “Hidden cameras”

Far from the nose – “Hidden cameras”.

But I made a fuss accidentally. Once I was finishing my breakfast, I couldn't sit still, because the hell is biting me. Then Basia came. So I complained to her about the mosquitoes, that I can't eat because of them, because they're all over the corridor. And she widened her eyes and immediately ran to the Head of the Ordinator.

Then it somehow flew by the same thing. Everyone started acting weird. First, Kidler, which for two days he wanted to force the vacation on the Ordynator, he pulled him out into the hallway and started chattering like bruises. I thought, that Łubicz is about to call Misiak and have Kidler packed in a jacket. But no. He suddenly gave him a vacation!

Then Nowak, which is lying in the corridor all the time, He began to read Mickiewicz and sing patriotic songs. Ooooooo, I thought, not good. I was even supposed to confess Basia, but she also started talking stuff. And it is mainly in the corridor, because otherwise he seemed quite mormal. I started having voyeurism (although some say suspicion, because you can too), it must be some kind of poisoning. Then I remembered, that last week painters polished the entire corridor. And maybe some of this paint hurt everyone? And I got immunized by, to, that these mosquitoes bite me so much.

I did not know what to do. I felt like this Robinzon on a desert island, because I was the only one who stayed. In the end, I came up with it, that I have to call the Sanepid and inform them about this corridor epidemic, so that it does not spread. I was already picking up the phone, when Łubicz arrived and he wanted to push me a lot of money. I got a little pissed off, because this is completely crazy. But before I escaped, it had become clear, that Basia, incomprehensible, I mean mosquitoes in the corridor, just about something completely different. Hence the fuss.