Far from the nose – Leave fully paid

Far from the nose – “Leave fully paid”

This year, everyone is looking forward to their holidays. Basia and I planned to go to Masuria, sunbathe, pick the mushrooms. And Kidler wanted to go to the mountains. He needed this vacation the most, because he recently operated on a patient seven times, which had one shorter leg. And after each treatment, the shorter one was longer, because Kidler from exhaustion could not measure well. Because of this, this woman is now almost six feet. That's why Kidler wanted to leave as soon as possible, to rest, a tu taka niespodzianka!

But more on that soon. First I have to write, that Czesław has no sense for gifts. As I wanted, that he would buy me a deckchair for Masuria, he brought me the fishing stool. I don't go fishing, just the opposite of him. And as I told him, that Wojtuś was not keen on studying this year, he bought him a big box of cigars, such, which he likes best. And yet the boy is only ten years old! That's how Chłopy have it. Basia recently told me, that Shock, how else they were married, sztucer jej kupił. It cannot be said, dear thing, worth two diamond rings. Only that, that she couldn't touch him afterwards, because only he had a gun license.

But I was too far off topic. Already I thought, that I would have wasted vacation because of this deckchair. That's when Kidler told me, that a new ordinance of the Minister of Labor had arrived. From now on, full-paid leave is only due to this, who spend them at work. Well, what did I need a deckchair for?? It was enough to remove a blanket from the patient from the bed and Basia and I would have a picnic on the floor. And I also had more attention to Czesław, because he had to go fishing in the hospital pond. Admittedly, the Ordinator wanted to forbid him from doing so, because there are also fish imported from the European Union for heavy money. But I calmed him down, that Czesław is catching, but has never caught anything yet.

Others were also actually satisfied with this leave from work. Kidler and Karinka climbed the stairs to the ninth floor every day. Wszyscy chodziliśmy się kąpać na reumatologię na basen terapeutyczny. Basia and I were also sunbathing on the surgical table under the lamps. We liked it so much, that we did not notice, when the holiday ended and we did not work for another three days. The funniest thing, that patients, they didn't notice any difference.