Far from the nose – Cousin and cousin

Far from the nose – “Cousin and cousin”.

The peasant is not allowed to take his eyes off of that for a moment, 'Cause I'm gonna hook up with him like hell, worst of the opposite sex. But sometimes there's no way out, on call is, you have to go out to work at night. And then you lose sight of the bridesmaid.

Worse, that he won the kid with pocket money, to hide it. Fortunately, Wojtuś remembered, that he has two pockets and as I promised him to put fifty zlotys in the other one, he said, że czekał na ojca do w pół do szóstej rano. Nie chciał tylko się przyznać, what dad sang to him. It wasn't until he discovered it, he has a third pocket on the back and I promised, that I would add five more to her, I found out then, what was that. At first, I was even happy, because it started out quite nicely: “You love once!”. But Basia made me realize, that it is still there in words: Then the second and third and again…”.

Well then I thought: "For something God punished me with such a beast". And how Czesław came to work, I took it for inquiries straight away. He spoke, that he was on fish. On the eels, because they take at night. As proof, he had a scale on his neck. I even believed him, but Basia made me realize, that the Shock had the same scale, and this one certainly doesn't go fishing, just go wild after dancing, for the king of the dance floor!

Czesław never danced well, especially with me, but it is not about dancing here. That is why I took special care of him. But it didn't help. Kidler's cousin got to him right away. And the worst, that this cousin, it was a cousin until recently. And frozen evidence of that is still in our morgue…