Far from the nose – A devilishly talented boy

Far from the nose – “A devilishly talented boy”

This morning I stayed for kitna-percha without a coincidence. I walked Wojtek to school. But it was somehow indistinct. I haven't liked him for a few days now. Meaning, I liked its beauty, but because of my health I didn't like it. And already when he was at the cloakroom, I think so: I'm not going to school today, we'll just go to the hospital to check you out. And his hand, but that cloakroom was very crowded. Wojtuś had to let go of my hand for a moment and somebody else caught me. Soon after, my cousin called me on my cell phone, then I had to put my make-up on… And somehow it got to the hospital, that I wasn't watching, who am I dragging with me. Only in the elevator do I adjust his clothes, to look decent, but I can see, that I didn't buy him this clothes. I look higher at my face, and this is not Wojtuś!!!

Fortunately, the kid was resolute (Patrick's name was). He handed me the phone numbers to his parents. I called them right away, but only got the mother, because the father was still "out of reach". Though it turned out later, that's not true. He was not "out of reach" at all, but "in range". Because he is a sewer.

Patryczek was having a good time all the time, waiting for mommy to arrive. He repaired our flush in the toilet. Besides, he was playing with some chemicals all the time and even left us his invention as a souvenir.

Then, Basia and the Head of the hospital called us, which was Shock for the time being, because they also called the real chief, but higher… that is, on, all the way to the ministry, but higher in the sense, that the superiors… A bit important (although some say "of little importance", but it's the same). Grunt, that Shock had replaced him, who set the alarm, because there is also a pompom in the hospitals, what bombs are planting. He asks us, we haven't seen any suspicious package. Well, we basically showed this invention of Wojtuś, because he does look weird. Nobody wanted to touch him, only Nowak took him and threw him out the window. And how did not bang!!!

We were lucky anyway, that only a few windows fell out. Because Patrick's mother said, that when someone kidnapped him in Kalisz, this child has built up a hydrogen bomb for him.