Far from the nose – Karinka's sister

Far from the nose – “Karinka's sister”

Today I experienced a horror at the reception as usual. Dr. Karinka was trying on blouses and asked me, which will be appropriate. I'm telling her then, that depends on what occasion. And drunk me, that for a funeral. It surprised me a bit, because these blouses are all rather less competent (though some say: completely, because you can too) were. One could say, that they were quite incompetent, because it's almost as if they weren't there. A to, what was in them, it's colorful terribly. So I expressed my admission out loud, that Aunt Karinka must have been a cheerful woman, because in my case they are gloomy themselves and always wear black clothes for funerals. But the doctor explained to me, that she puts on these blouses when shopping. Because her aunt died in London and it would be a pity to miss such an opportunity, how is going there. Especially, that her aunt had left her a big drop of one hundred percent… I mean, not for a hundred, but fifty, because it turned out, that Karinka has a sister.

But I was too far off topic. Now I will tell you about this horror. Well, Karinka's aunt died because of her cat, which was exactly the disgusting tomcat, what was the name of admiral nelson, for he was blind in one eye. And that cat suddenly disappeared from her. So she started looking for him around the house, then she went down to the basement. And there was such a large vent, from which the grate flew off. Well, this aunt thought, "Maybe he went there ?”And it's packing into that hole. But she only crawled to the waist, because then she was too fat. So he wants to go back, but it can't. Ani w te, years w you. She got stuck. And that's it. After a few months, the neighbors found her. Dry to a chip. Because it was a vent, it preserved her like a mummy. It just shrunk like that, that they had no trouble taking her out. Her shoes fell off by themselves.

How I heard it, then my eyelid began to twitch nervously. Everyone thought, that I wink at them. And Czesław began to suspect, that I am hitting on strange men. But how did he find out, what's the point, he flew to Łubicz for compensation, as I got it at work. But the Ordinator is a scruffy, he said, it's my fault, because why do I listen to stupidity at work? And I was only listening to it out of politeness, because I am neither curious nor eavesdropping.