Far from the nose – “Ideal for advertising

Far from the nose – “Ideal for advertising”.

What is wrong about this Union?, it must be admitted, however, that equality quickly followed her. In the past, only a woman had to deal with any boor, what stuck to her on the street. And now it affects men as well. As recently as the day before yesterday, paramedic Misiak comes out of the elevator, on which, and yes, you can hang the eye. Only then was there such a small eye on it instead, nervous guy. In addition, he is staring at our paramedic as in a picture and talking to him: "My Heraclitus, my strongman i am begging you, Agree".

Misiak could not get away from him, until I had to call Czesław, so that he could fuck that nervous guy with a rag. But Łubicz found out about everything and wanted to show himself as a progressive individual and following the spirit of the times. He always had. In the past, he chased us after the May Day parades and was the first to stick out, how the ward passed before the first secretary. Certainly that is why he became the Head of the Head, because he's not a doctor. Even my Czesio with a forged diploma is twice as good as him…

But I was too far off topic. Łubicz decided to organize a wedding for Misiak at the hospital's expense, invite a delegation from the Union, to squeeze out an additional subsidy. He probably even wanted to marry them himself, but then it came out, that the nervous one fell in love with Misiak, but not in the motor and physical sense, but in the ordinary sense, corporeal. And he wants him to advertise his muscle growth preparation.