Far from the nose – Black cough

Far from the nose – “Black cough”

There was only one thought that had occupied my mind lately: what this disgusting delusion looks like, what Czesława lost to me. I asked different people, what they sometimes saw them somewhere and on this basis I made a memorial portrait. I drew it with Basiuni on a piece of paper with a pencil. Ledwom finished, a tu bach, the portrait of memory stands in person in front of me and speaks, that her name is Iza.

Basie was walled up (though some say it baffled, because you can too). She was unable to say a word, just flew somewhere. And this portrait stretches out to me and speaks, that he wants to say hi. But where, in life! How can I touch my hand, which is known where it touched Czesław! Disgusting!

I was already close to this, to grab her by the hair and push her down the stairs, when she told me, that Czesław is also out of date for her. And you know why? Because he threw her out! At first I thought to myself, one is good for you, but as it turned out, that he wrote a letter to her, the same letter he wrote to me, I felt sorry for her. I offered her tea and thought, that we'll talk, jak wyrzucona z wyrzuconą. But I didn't make it, because I had to go and help Take get into the elevator. He was so drunk, that he could not reach us upstairs alone.

How I got back, then Iza was gone. Only after a while Basiunia came and told me, that the hospital collective decided to take revenge on my behalf and scare the memory portrait to death. At the last minute, I canceled it, because you know, in hospital, there are serious measures to take revenge and many people can be hurt if something is done.

Although Łubicz decided to punish her symbolically and prescribed one such thing to her, to run faster ...