Far from the nose – Great promotion

Far from the nose – “Great promotion”

No kidding with promotions. Once, Basia and I went to the store. Suddenly I look, it has completely disappeared. I look around and can't see her. There were two alleys, where I changed the word with her lately. I'm looking, Is! She stands in front of the shelf, staring at the wick like a magpie (although some speak gnat, because you can too). I'm approaching, I shake, and she did nothing. Only when I gave her a cheek without my hand, it wakes up and says: "Look Gienia. This ink, what i always buy it, is on promotion now, five zlotys cheaper. " She barely said it and she did it. I had to revive her again. A few people came together. But not to Basia. Only for this mascara. They almost trampled us. And when Basia woke up, it's not a trace of ink. Only she, the poor woman, cried, that in this promotion she did not buy a supply for six months.

And the worst, that this promotion is also for us, she reached the hospital. Łubicz decided to bet on it, to make our hospital become loud. And therefore he began to look for different talents in us, that the newspapers have something to be proud of. Shock, he thought, that it would be easy for him, because he is widely known for his dancing skills. But the Head of the Hospital admitted, that his bouncing had already gotten over, that's why he made it a spider man and ordered to climb the ward through the window. And this is the sixth floor! How Shock heard it, it instantly faded out regularly.

Kidler itself too. He, in turn, had to learn to dance with the boa snake. It was from this that he got such a loathing for everything, what is associated with snakes, that during the operation he could not look at the intestine and had to operate the appendix in the dark.

The worst happened to me anyway. Czesław was supposed to learn to throw knives as part of this promotion. But I was supposed to be a human shield. Czesław barely swung himself, I have not seen anything more from this promotion. Because there are no jokes with promotions.