Far from the nose – The Association of Derelict Wives

Far from the nose – “The Association of Derelict Wives”

Recently, I cannot see the world of God, because I feel so sorry after Czesław's departure, that everything is hidden from my tears and I sometimes have spots like these before my eyes. But unfortunately these are not the famous Mroczki, just the usual ones, which I do not wish them to anyone.

The hospital collective was very concerned with my fate. They even called the Derelict Wives Association and they sent me a specialist, a certain MA Luiza. I didn't like her from the beginning, because she was a little too pretty for an abandoned wife. But Basia explained to me first, that it was probably so to raise self-esteem. So that I can see, how nice you can look without a husband.

Luiza started making a headdress in my head and persuaded me, that my Czesław, he was the worst bully he was, and I shouldn't regret it, that he had gone blue. Really, my husband was not too holy, but that just a painted scoundrel, what she couldn't see in her eyes, she began to insult him, I didn't like that. Basia was staring at Luiza at the beginning like at a picture. It wasn't until her Shock from the first sight (although some say the eyes, because you can too) in it, means Luisie, He fell in love with it immediately.

Then the same happened to Łubicz. Not that we were jealous of him, but we wanted her down the stairs right away. Because what a dyed feminist is she, what disgusts us peasants on all sides, and she shoots everyone with only eyes. And this floozy turned out to be married, and it was the only way she gave us this bullshit about men.

Good, actually, that Czesław is gone. Because he was in the hospital then, it would surely turn after her. Babiarz was always with him!