Far from the nose – Material for a doctor

Far from the nose – “Material for a doctor”.

What clever children they are doing now. In my times, like a man graduating from high school, it could not do anything. And now many know more before graduation, than a doctor after graduation. We had just such a case. Students from high school came to us to watch the doctors' work. Lubicz was angry, that they put such an obligation on his head. He wanted to frame a doctor for this, but neither wanted to. It wasn't until Kidler saw these high school girls, he licked it, one saturator and he volunteered.

The tour began to do and frizz, how smart he is. He led them to Wigoń, what has been with us for a year and a half and you don't know what's wrong with him. And there he was speechless. Because one of those high school girls, Tola was there, With a flash, Wigonia dialyzed this and knew what was wrong with him. Turned out, that it was enough for the peasant to change his diet and he would be healthy as a fish.

Kidler, of course, ran straight to the ward. He wanted to show off, what a brilliant doctor he is. He is always the first to order. But he got it wrong, because Łubicz just got an appendicitis. They took him to the operative by a flash. And they stood with Tremor like two orphans above him. Because the head of the doctor, unfortunately, above the appendix he has thick fatty tissue and there is a problem. Kidler didn't know how to get cut. Shock, on the other hand, had been practicing for a long time in Africa, and had little to do with fat.

Fortunately, this Tola watched the operation and immediately came up with it, how it needs to be done. Kidler and Concussion were the only ones to assist her. Such smart children now do!

Of course, not everyone is doing well. Because when I think about Czesław, what did he do to me… He's a good kid, but the mind, unfortunately, took the daddy. Fine though, that she has beauty after me, maybe he will not be completely lost in life.