Far from the nose – Dancing Dr. Shock

Far from the nose – “Dancing Dr. Shock”

This morning I had an unexpected pleasure. I'm sitting in the doctor's room, Czesław is kneeling at my feet and talking: "Gienia, raise your legs ". I do not remember such a thing since times, jak Wojtuś był w mojej ciąży. Unfortunately, this moment did not last long, because right after that Czesław said, I'd better leave at all. And I hear such things almost every day. E.g: "Gienia, come out, because I can't focus ". And that's by no means the toilet says it. And this time it was my legs that prevented him from fulfilling his new job duties. Because of the scandal with the diploma, Czesław is a courtier and he was rubbing the floor once.

Oh, life is not easy, you have to admit it. Not enough, that his income had seriously diminished, he lost all of this and respect. The worst thing is Kidler treats him, one neck (although some say szuja, because you can too). How where what spot will he see, it is about to scream at the entire hospital, that Czesław would fly in and wipe it off.

But justice fell to Kidler as well. He avoided training, what this union gave him for him. He thought, that he will have to sit and learn something, and he is more like my Czesław to learn. That's why Jurki took Shock and spent on learning to dance. He chose Magda for himself and he was supposed to travel with her around the world. He also went around the hospital all the time and forced everyone, that they help him in this dance. Get out like it wasn't, because the chief physician issued him a special letter, that no one can avoid helping.

It cannot be said, Shock was doing quite well. I even told him, that it moves just like that Bean, what won this show… Well, what was it… something like this: "Dancing on the screen" or something. But in the end he had no use for it, because his head physician began to envy him traveling around the world together with Magda and he took Jurki. People are talking, it's because of Kidler. May be, because the neck is terrible.