Far from the nose – “Surprise for my birthday

Far from the nose – “Surprise for my birthday”.

About two weeks ago I looked back in the mirror and was terrified! A scar right in the middle of the forehead. Someone cut my head, and I didn't even notice it. Maybe he scratched the umbrella with it, or some farmer was carrying a scythe on a tram and he slapped me with that end. He shows it right away to Basi, and she tells me, it's not a scar, just a wrinkle.

Somehow I didn't feel any better than this. It is impossible to hide, that once a fairly round anniversary of my birthday was approaching. Girlfriends normally fell for my gift and wanted to buy something. But the doctors, as usual, wanted to get away for free. And they came up with it, that they will do plastic surgery for me. They put me to sleep, because I like surprises, and put it on the table, to cut.

I can't complain, they put to work. This is how I left them again, that as soon as they took off these bandages, everyone started to get on with me. After three days, I was sick of it. Kidler, he dragged me through the nightclubs every night. Caviar is already coming out of my nose holes. The head physician stayed at my house all afternoons, he played Africa with Wojtuś, that is, he pretended to be an elephant, and Wojtuś rode it. And when I finally went to sleep, Shock had been calling all night and he was crying into the receiver. And that I would not be bored, it was still strangers. I had this beauty!!!

I went to the ward and demanded five days off. He agreed without talking, because now he would do anything for me. I signed up for the clinic at Słowackiego Street right away and had to be transformed back. When the doctors saw me afterwards, of course, they were terribly unhappy. And this rogue Kidler even started to scare me, that she will sue me from the court for compensation for the lost silicone, for he also gave from private supplies. Not enough, that pig, it's still a tight spot!