Ashlee Nicole Simpson

Last name: Simpson
Name names: Ashlee, Nicole
Also known as:
Born: 3 October 1984 (Dallas, USA)
He died: no data ()
Category: Film / Music
In brief: Film role “Undiscovered”, MTV presenter, albums released “I am me” and “Autobiography”.

Ashlee Nicole Simpson – Born. 3 October 1984 in Dallas, Texas, Jessica Simpson's younger sister, daughter of Joe and Tina Simpsons.

At the age of three, she began attending ballet lessons, and at the age of 11 years, she was admitted to the School of American Ballet as the youngest person in the school's history. During this period, she began to suffer from anorexia.

At the age of 14 years she moved with her parents and older sister to Los Angeles where she performed as a dancer at her sister's concerts. She also started her television career appearing mainly in short advertising spots. Thanks to this, she was noticed also in a year 2001 she got a role in the show Malcolm in the Middle next The View and 7th Heaven. She also managed to run her own realist show (The Ashlee Simpson Show) w MTV. One of her songs “Just let me cry” was included in the soundtrack to the film Freaky Friday (Freaky Friday). She finally signed a record deal with Geffen Records..

Her first album Autobiography, in the first week of sales in the USA, distributed by 398 thousand. Copy. Single “Pieces of me” which preceded the release of the album was one of the biggest hits of the summer in the USA. Subsequent singles “Shadow” i “La la” less successful.

Performing live she played with: Ray Brady (guitar), Braxton Alyte (guitar), Joeyem Kaimana (bass), Chris James and Chris Fox. In September 2004 announced on its website the formation of the band “Ashlee Simpson and Submission”.

She also did not miss unpleasant events. As a guest of the program Saturday Night Live she was going to perform two songs. The day before the show, she felt very bad, her voice refused to obey. After consulting with Ashlee's doctor and her manager (father) they decided, that the performance might worsen the voice and they decided to play it back. With the first song “Pieces of Me” there were no problems however when she started singing the second song “Autobiography”, you could hear the vocal to the song “Pieces of Me” before Ashlee picked up the microphone. Not knowing what to do, she danced a spontaneous dance and left the stage. At the end of the show, Simpson came on stage and tried to explain herself, that her band played the wrong song at the start of the show. However, she was criticized for this, you could see her lips moving, when there was no song in the background.

25 On October, Simpson called the live show on MTV Total Request Live and explained, that she had to spare her voice, because she might even lose him. Ashlee has a throat disease (hyperacidity of the vocal cords) and the doctor advised her not to perform. Commenting on the incident, they said I made a complete fool of myself. She also explained that the drummer pressed the wrong button to play. 25 on October at the Music Awards, Ashlee on cue, that she forgot about the unpleasant event, she planned a joke that consisted of the same mistake as on Saturday Night Live. However, later the entire album “Autobiography” she sang live. This incident dragged on the singer for a long time, but she did not care about it, claiming that it was “it cannot become any more familiar”.

Ashlee Simpson also played the role of Clea in the movie Undiscovered however, the title was not very successful and Ashlee was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for the worst actress in 2005 Year. Undiscovered is an independent film, most of which was completed in August 2005 in United States. Simpson herself shot her scenes at the end 2004 Year. The film got bad reviews from critics. Earned only $676048 although the budget of the film itself was 9 million dollars.

Her second album I am me has been released 18 October 2005 and was supposed to refer to the music of the years 80. It was initially released in 220 thousand. copies, however, sales quickly increased to nearly one million units.

At the turn of December 2005 and January 2006 Ashlee is featured on the cover of the magazine The Teen together with his sister Jessica. You can also see it on the covers of magazines Blender, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and ELLE.

Starting in spring 2006 until the singer's performances are planned throughout the summer.