Hanna Śleszyńska

Hanna Śleszyńska Ur. 11.04.1959She graduated from the PWST in Warsaw in 1982. She received the first prize at the Stage Songs Review in Wrocław. By 12 for years she was associated with Piotr Gąsowski – they have a son Jacob (ur. 1995); from a previous relationship he has a son, Mikołaj (ur. 1985).

Theater career :

„Niebo zawiedzionych” – (hospitably), 1982R
"Śmiechowisko" - as a singing ballerina, 1982R
"Stall with songs" - 1984
"Cabaret Mouse" - as Lilian Holiday, 1986R
"What You Can't See" - 1988
"Bad luck stage II" - as Renata, 1988R
"Castle in Scotland" - as Ophelia, 1989R
"Parades" - 1989
"Wedding reception"- very much Rachel, 1990R
"Norwid" - 1990
"Zapolska, Zapolska" – as Fin-de-siecleistka, 1990R
"Perr Gont" – as Bergiffendeldt, 1991R
"Ubu Król" – as Fraternite, 1991R
"Cid" – as Princess,1991R
"Savory of Gąbra" – as Mother, 1992R
"Pages rains on sides..." – 1993
"Iwaszkiewicz" – 1993
"Indefonsjada" – (hospitably), 1996R
"Criminale tango" – 1997
"Adam Mickiewicz laughs" – 1998
"Chicago" – as Mama Morton, 1998R
"Pencunia noon Olet?" – as Malina, 2005R

Film career :

"Fear of space" – as Dorota, 1980R
"Points for origin" – as a Reciting Candidate “Invocations”, 1982R
"Bachelor life in exile" – as The Third Woman of the Krauzelnik, 1992R
"Nothing funny" – as a movie set manager “Defeat” ,1995R
"Argument about Basia" – as Marysia, 1995R
"The Secret of Sagali" - as a Bartender, 1996R
„Bar Atlantic” – like Mgr Wanda, researcher at the University, 1996R
"God's lining" – as Józia Jurewicz, 1997R
Deserters Gold - as a bank guardian, 1998R
"Foster family" – as Jadzia's cousin, 1999-2003R
"For good and for bad" – like (Ewa, Rafał's mother (2004) ), 1999-2005R
"Lick your fingers" – as mayor, 1999R
"Players" – like Barbara Oberman, 1999-2001R
"Presbytery" – as Ala Bednarek, 2000R
"Hospital on the verge of advancement" – as a Nurse, 2001-2003R
"Tigers of Europe as" – like Zaza, candidate for the wife of Hubert, 2003R
"Far from the stretcher" – as Sister Pool, 2003-2006R
"Foster Family Plus" – as Jadzia, Kwiatkowski's cousin, 2004R
"God's Lining II" – dir. Isabella Cywinska, 2005R

Television career :

"Rape, what's going on" – very much Barbara, dir. O. Lipinska, 1992R
"Harlequinade" - Jako Muriel, 1993R
"The Phantom of the Kitchen" – like Cynthia,1993R
"Manhattan Poker" – as Cecylia, 1994R
"Egyptian wheat" – as Karolina, dir. O. Lipinska, 1994R
"The Widow's Troubles" – like Claire, dir. J. Majewski, 1994R
"Intruder" – as Marcyna, dir. L. a hatchling, 1994R
"Nobody Knows Me" – dir. A. Łapicki, 1995R
"Miki" - as Ewa, 1996R
"Baryłeczka" - as Mrs. Carre Larnadon, 1997R
"Situational Comedy" - as Miss Troter, 1997R
"Devil's Seed" - as Wugrinec, 2001R
"Wesołych Świąt" - as Ewa Jackson, 2003R
"Półkownik Ptak" - as a pepa, 2003R
"Comic Strength" - as Prim, 2003R
"I'm not afraid of the Rojek brothers" - 2003
"Vampire" - as Marianna Nawrocka, 2004R

Polish dubbing

„RRRrrrr!!!” – 2004R
"The Incredibles" – (The Incredibles) – very raspberry ,2004R
"Chicken Little" – (Chicken Little) – as Luśka Kuperczak, 2005R