Christopher Kowalewski

Christopher Kowalewski Ur. 03.20.1937. in 1960 he graduated from the PWST in Warsaw. Actor of Warsaw theaters: Classical (1960-61), Dramatic (1961-62), Polish (1962-70), Student Theater of Satirists (1970-73), Variety (1974-77), Contemporary (1977). He is valued as a cabaret actor. A long-time lecturer at the PWST in Warsaw.

Theater career :

"Krawiec" - as the Excellency Sławomir Mrożek,dir. Erwin Axer, prem. w 1979r
"The Candlestick" - as Clavarohe by Alfred de Musset, Dir. Krzysztof Zaleski, prem. w 1979r
"The Water Hen" - as Karbowski, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1980r
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" - as Snout, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1983r
"Elephant Man" - as Ross, dir. Marcel Kochanczyk, prem. w 1983r
How They Love Each Other as Bob Philips, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1983r
"Master and Margaret" – like Nikanor Bosy, Adaptation and dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1978r
"Pastorałka" - as Herod, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1982r
"Komediant" - as the owner of the inn dir. Erwin Axer, prem. in 1990
"Twelfth Night or, what you want ”- as Sir Tobias Hiccup, dir.. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1991r
What You Can't See - as Frederick Fellows, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1992r
"Widows" by Sławomir Mrożek, Direction: Erwin Axer, prem. w 1992r
"A brawl in Chioggi" - As Pandron Fortunato dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1993r
“Love in Crimea” - as Czelcow, dir. Erwin Acer, prem. w 1994r
"Ambassador" - as the representative of Sławomir Mrożek, dir. Erwin Axer, prem. w 1995r
"Dead Souls" - as Chicikov, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1995r
"The End Beginning" dir. Krzysztof Lang, 62-70), prem. w 1996r
"Tango" - as Edek dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1997r
"Łgarzu" - as Dr.. Swings, dir. Giovanni Pampiglione, prem. w 1998r
“A nobleman of the townspeople” –jako pan Jordan, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 1999r
"Ascension" - As a railwayman Adaptation and dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 2002r
„Children of Prague” - jako Kierownik, dir. Agnieszka Glińska premier. w 2001r
"Passionate Woman" - as Donald dir. Maciej Englert, prem. 2003R
"The Martyrdom of Piotr Ohey" - as Piotr Ohey dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 2004r
„Napis” Geralda Sibleyras`a, dir. Maciej Englert, prem. w 2005r

Film career :

"That until dawn …”- as a recording pirate (odc. VII), 1992R
"Balanga" - as a taxi driver, 1993R
"Country of the World" - 1993
"40-year-old 20 years later "- 1993
"New Adventures of Arsen Lupine" - 1993
„WOW’ – 1993r
"Joanna's Adventures" - as Iza's dad, 1994R
"Attorney's Team" - 1994
"Private City" - as a Receptionist, 1994R
"Bank out of this world" - 1994
"Sherlock Mordziaczek" - 1994
"Nothing Funny" - 1995
"For what?” – 1995r
"Extradition II" - 1996
"Bar Atlantic" - as Teddy Bear-episode I,II,VII,X, 1996R
"The secret of Sagala (serial)” – as Waiter odc.XII, 1996R
"Summon" - as TV Editor, 1997R
"The Gold of Deserters" - as Goldman-Silberman, 1998R
"Pirków House" - 1998
"Bilboard" - as Fat, 1998R
"Siedlisko" - jacket Edzio, 1998R
"Pan Tadeusz" - as the Registrar, 1999R
"Awesome Vacation" - as Professor Damrot, 1999R
"Early Spring" - as Father Nastek, 2000R
"Great Things" - as Zygmunt, 2000R
"Far from the stretcher" - as Doctor Czesław Basen, 2003
"Kasia and Tomek" - as a voice-wine tasting instructor, 2003R

Filmography :

"Teutonic Knights" – cast (is not in the lead), 1960R
"Two gentlemen" N " – cast (militiaman; is not in the lead), 1961R
"April" – cast (Sulikowski), 1961R
"The Criminal and the Virgin" – cast (subordinate of ensign Szymański), 1963R
"Penguin" – cast (is not in the lead), 1964R
"Place for One" – cast (sergeant MO), 1965R
Mary and Napoleon – cast (officer; is not in the lead), 1966
"Office" – cast (priest), 1969R
"Criminal, who stole the crime " – cast (a witness of the attack on Pałka interrogated by Siwy), 1969R
„Spacer” – cast (captain), 1970R
"Lighter" – cast (a policeman disguised as a gas worker), 1970R
"Get As Close As Possible" Cast (activist), 1971R
"From the other side of the rainbow" Cast (neighbor), 1973R
"Rush Hour" Acting cast (Adamczewski engineer), 1973R

"Secret" Acting cast (Teresa's husband), 1973R
"The Nest" Acting cast (Boleslaw, son of Bolesław I the Cruel), 1974R
"The Deluge" Acting cast (Kowalski Roch) 1974R
"Matilda's Birthday" Cast (Matilda's charmer), 1974R
"Brunet in the evening" Cast of actors (Michal Roman), 1976R
"Golden Duck" Acting cast (Cost), 1976R
"What will you do to me when you catch me" – cast (director Tadeusz Krzakowski), 1978R
"Kung-Fu" Acting cast (director Nałęcz), 1979R
"MIŚ" Acting cast (Jan Hochwander, movie production manager “Count Barry Kent's last sausage”), 1980R
"Love forgives anything" – cast (owner “Sphinx”), 1981R
"Course to the Left" Acting cast (director), 1986R
"Caesarean Section" Cast (Rosemary, secretary of KW), 1987R
Comedian (serial TV) cast (Jan Cabinski, theater director), 1987R
"Special Mission" Acting cast (cook Jan), 1987R
"Men's affairs" Acting cast (Casimir Klinger), 1988R
"What do tigers like" – cast (Marek), 1989R
"Janka" Acting cast (Oskar Nowak, Janka's grandfather), 1989R
"Controlled conversations" – cast (Zygmunt Molybdenum, colonel of the SB), 1991R
"Polish cuisine" (serial TV) cast (head of the military commission), 1992-1994R
"A movie with a terrible title" – cast (character voices anim.) (Odc. 1 – 12), 1992R
"Argument about Basia" – cast (geography teacher), 1995R
"Nothing funny" – cast (movie production manager “Defeat”), 1995R
"Nocne grafitti" Acting cast (boss “Dolls”), 1996R
"I have to live" – cast (Wolski), 1997
"A Way for Alcybiades" – cast ("Animals.", high school director), 1997R
"Habitat" – cast (professor Wiesław Wanat), 1998R
"Double" – (12) w LOT 001 cast, 1999R
"With Fire and Sword" Cast (Zagloba Jan Onufry), 1999R
"Adam and Ewa" – cast (Stanislaw Wilczynski, Monika's father), 2000R
"Hospital on the verge of advancement" – cast (Hospital head), 2001R
"In the desert and in the wilderness" – cast (Greek Kaliopulli), 2001R
"The career of Nikos Dyzma" – cast (special services officer), 2002R
"Never in my life" - as a Father, 2004R
"I will show you" - as the Father, 2005R

Awards for roles on the stage of the Współczesny Theater :

– Award of the President of the City of St.. Warsaw for the role of the Husband in Marek Koterski's play “Inner Life”, author's direction, prem. w 1987r

– XXXI Kalisz Theater Meetings – Individual award for the role of Sir Tobias Chkawka in the play “Williama Shakespeare`a “Epiphany”, directed by Maciej Englert, prem. w 1991r

– The title of the Comedian of the Year 1999 in the daily ranking “Republic” w 1999r