Lawlessness, directed by Kevin Costner - two Paragraphs

Lawlessness, directed by Kevin Costner - two Paragraphs

Lawlessness is a good movie, although I would have expected something better from Kevin Costner. The plot and dialogue are fine, but they don't surprise with anything new. I did not know, Lawless is already the fourth movie directed by Costner, which I was able to watch. In other words, I have seen all the works of this outstanding actor. (Postman - "Messenger of the Future", How can this title be translated ... )

His latest western is a nice movie, while he lacks a lot, for example, to Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. Historia Open Range (The. tyt.) it is fairly simple, and although it is well done, it lacks eggs. The second thing is the lack of western humor. I remember one - a pretty good joke, for which I was given the opportunity to wait for the very end. Robert Duvall's character is brilliant. Against his background, Kevin Costner, who I understand was supposed to be the main character in this movie goes aside. In addition, the film is easy to perceive and it is unlikely to get boring.

Rating: 6/10

Duvall is listed in the lead in the first place (in front of Costner), so I guess he was supposed to be a more important character, or they were both supposed to be equal main characters. I saw the film quite a long time ago and I don't remember the dialogues, but I remember, that the final shootout was brilliantly realized, quite realistic. You know, that this movie can't match "Unforgiven", but which can match this masterpiece? This western from Eastwood is the last great western, the film was never made again, which would come close to him. Even the Coens' True Grit, despite 10 Oscar nomination, cannot compare with him. The only hope in Quentin Tarantino, whose next movie (“Django Unchained”) has a chance to become an outstanding western.

Which, Duvall may be listed first, while more plots are found in Costner's film. Possible, that, for reasons of courtesy, he was first mentioned, I don't know - Costner was a director anyway. You probably don't remember the dialogues because of that, because they were good - just average. I haven't watched True Grit yet. From the westerns I know of recent years, Bezprawie is still one of the best. We'll see what Quentin comes up with, I like him quite a lot 🙂 . At least the last of his things, Grindhouse was not too great for me - but interesting even. Inglorious Basterds were fine, but what to talk about a breakthrough. By the way, now you can buy the Bastards' dvd 10 PLN with some newspaper, with Viva, I suppose.