Dr Strangelove, how I stopped worrying and fell in love with the bomb - review

Dr Strangelove, how I stopped worrying and fell in love with the bomb - review

One of my favorite movies, and subjectively the best by Stanley Kubrick. I remember the distance at which I watched it for the first time. The insanely long title raised a lot of uncertainty, in addition, the first images did not blur her at all. Back then, I wasn't so interested in classical cinema. The movie quickly convinced me, it's one of the best black comedies ever produced for a reason.

General Jack D. Ripper is a madman too late. It has secret codes thanks to which it can send planes with nuclear bombs. He is driven by not fully specified motivation (at least in the beginning), I give the order to bomb the USSR and close its base in front of everyone. It thundered at the war headquarters, a conference is held to unravel the problem of an unwanted attack. The title doctor will be an advisor in difficult times, where the third world war can happen - aha, his qualifications are worth mentioning – former Nazi criminal.

These are some facts now. The first film where Kubrick himself was nominated for an Oscar. (best directing and adapted screenplay) Dr. Strangelove has received a total of four nominations and no win. I find it hard to believe, that Rex Harrison (award winner that year - Best Actor) playing Fair Lady, he was better than Peter Sellers in the role of… Exactly. For a less keen eye, it may turn out, that Sellers played Dr. Strangelove, and to which he was applauded? This is where the fun begins. He played three completely different characters. Apart from the mad Nazi criminal, he was a timid lieutenant and the stressed president of the United States. He played three supporting roles, including two of these characters were in the same room for almost the entire show.

I saw 10 films directed by Stanley Kubrick and this one made the biggest impression on me. The question of taste plays a role here. I really like this type of humor. Dr. Strangelove is a satire against the war machine, created very well against the administration in many respects. The story itself is meaningfully realized, and the behavior of the heroes despite the absurdity that surrounds them, right for the situation. You can have associations with the Paragraph 22 and rightly so, although there are quite a few differences between them. An outstanding dose of black humor, in the opinion of AFI in the third place in the best comedies.

War staff. Clerk's struggle with a foreigner.

"Gentlemen, it's a war room, we don't fight here. "

On my rating scale, this movie varies between nine, and ten points. It is certainly a unique piece, which I will gladly come back to.

Rating: 9/10

Can be seen, that our tastes differ. I have seen 7 I liked the least of the films directed by Kubrick and "Dr. Strangelove", I liked the most "Full Metal Jacket" and "Spartacus", the latter being a movie, in which Kubrick did not have much creative freedom. I don't like this director's style, and the clownery in Dr. Stangelove didn't make me laugh at all. I like dark humor, but not in this edition. The only clear advantage is Peter Sellers in a triple role. The actor had previously played a triple role in the movie "The Mouse That Roared" (1959) and it decided, that Kubrick decided to repeat this procedure in his film. You write, that this is Kubrick's first film competing for the Oscars, but already "Spartacus" (1960) he fought for these awards - he won 4 Oscars on 6 nominations.


I corrected - while it was the first film where Kubrick himself was nominated for an Oscar. Well Full Metal Jacket is great, so in the top three Stanley's I find myself somewhere with Barry Lyndon. Right away, that the jester, absurd humor - just like Monty Python. Somehow I do not like Spartacus, the scene with Kirk Dougles in the background scares me. But the Paths of Glory why not, early interesting cinema.
Speaking of FMJ - there is also a theme with soldiers in Strangelove, conversations between them, as if it were live.

Tastes vary, that's good.