Tree of Life - review

Tree of Life - review

Going to the Tree of Life I expected not necessarily a successful one, difficult story about family relationships. This approach has created two things. The first is the Cannes award, while the second is a large number of negative opinions about this production. After the first 30 minutes of the session I was at, four people left the cinema. Maybe it matters, may not?

The film tells the story of a family. In the role of his father, Brad Pitt is a naval soldier by profession. Although he behaves reasonably, introduces considerable rigor to the house. This thread is nice and it's a pity, that it was so underdeveloped. His wife is a faithful loving mother. Plus three sons about ten years old. We watch their dilemmas, doubts, quarrels, having fun. They live in a small town, in which not much is happening. Children are stressed by the tense situation at home, they are often fed up with the way daddy approaches them.

To, that in the film I take up topics related to life, God and related things does not mean, that is good. The Tree of Life is a heavy picture, and his main problem is the far-reaching artistic vision of the director. It is a matter of taste whether you like the treatments or not. Another thing, that abstract things are intertwined in a large number of films, which significantly influences the perception of the history of the family itself. It is understandable, that the creator wanted to tell it that way, in my opinion, however, it went too far. It is also worth mentioning the actors. On a very positive note, one boy is very much like Brad Pitt. From the negative: Sean Penn is barely visible on the screen.

The Tree of Life made an impression on me, but only some time after watching it. It was during the screening, let's not be afraid of this word - boring. Instead of watching an interesting story from a certain family, we watch how the dinosaurs came into being - literally. The production shows a boring vision of the theory of evolution. Pictures after pictures where not much is happening - evolution what I know about, is about it, that certain activities are taking place over the centuries, but null here. Everything seems static, like a life without life.

Rating: 4/10

I completely agree. I left the cinema almost furious- 2,5 hours of solemn dialogues, soulful music, nice pictures and nice acting, it's not only not enough for a Palme d'Or in my opinion, but definitely not enough to call it a movie at all. Too little specifics, too little story of the main character, too much chaotic editing of unnecessary special effects (all this world creation would go to be thrown out of the movie, if it was up to me). Although the family part is still defending itself in my opinion. Just, that it would be enough for a nice short film at best. 4/10.

Something like that. I refrained from analyzing whether the Tree of Life is really a movie. It is actually not very specific, so that the viewer can find some answers to the question in it, until one asks to analyze it "deeply" and add content. I don't watch movies for that. I want to see something interesting, which will intrigue me, first of all, it will kidnap. The Tree of Life did not have much to offer in this respect. As you write, If we took out this content - family relations, it would be a short film - quite good with the rest.
I wrote my opinion about visualizations. Had to shorten them like this, enlarge the content of the family thread, maybe something would come of it.