Red - premiere review

Red - premiere review

It was going to be a fairly standard action movie. A few jokes, one better, the second worse and the accompanying tension. I like to watch something, often without reading what it is actually about. In the cinema, Red was the only one noteworthy position (early hour). I knew of a relatively good opinion about him, but no particulars. Otherwise, that something FBI, CIA, agents and stuff. I don't regret buying the ticket. When I left the screening, I was enchanted. After it cools down, I know it wasn't love, and just infatuation. Red is top production for this year, but I doubt it, for 10 years and more, someone remembered him. Just what it talks about and how it is relevant enough, that you like it. Just like in Avatar, Essentially, these films are very good, but only for now.

Direction: Robert Schwenke
Scenario: Eric Hoeber, Jon Hoeber
Release date(world): 2010
Type: Comedy, share
Bruce Willis: Frank Moses
Morgan Freeman: Joe Matheson
Mary-Louise Parker: Sarah Ross
John Malkovich: Marvin Boggs

The main strengths of Red - apart from the excellent cast - is the really sharp dynamics of the action. The film gives us no respite. We just look at the picture and there is no question of contemplating anything else,. How not great, although unreal scene, when Bruce Willis just gets out of a speeding car, this is Malkovich with his ironies and healthy, eagerly watched madness. Reading the forums, I am careful, that a glorious opinion about him is often overestimated. Which doesn't mean, that he is angry. They are great as a retired spy who was once fed with LSD.
Red balances on the verge of good taste, realism and absurdity. He can amuse, however, it's really hard to say, to talk about something. A "sentence" is passed on a former CIA agent. A team of several masked men with rifles rushes into him, and he eliminates them all. Then the action begins, Frank wants to find out, why they don't let him breathe in his retirement and he tries to get the heart of the insurance lady(Mary-Louise Parker). In my opinion, the only production imperfection is crossing the border of decency. One scene is so stupid, that he wants to totally blame this movie. Fortunately, this only happens once, although I still feel disgust.

Red is great entertainment. Above 2 one-hour session, nor is it big, nor is it too short. I found nothing of value in it. I treat this film only as entertainment and showing how dynamic cinema can be in our times. The list of actors is exceptional, and for each of them the most appropriate role. Red has a Bond feel to it, however, after the screening, we can get an impression, that the latter would not stand a chance in a direct fight with Frank (Bruce Willis).

– a good idea
– a very authentic Mary-Louise Parker

– unreal - at least if someone likes it
– a scene with a bazooka

Rating: 7+/10 – Good