Star Wars Episode IV: New Hope (review)

Star Wars Episode IV: New Hope (review)

I'm fresh from watching the fourth episode of Star Wars. I have to admit, that I was disappointed. Yoda was gone! And it is his character in the later parts that gives the film its amazing character. It's not the same without that little wicked man. However, let's take the subject more seriously, because Georg Lucas' vision of a romantic future deserves attention. I guess everyone watched, at least one of the six Star Wars games. It has always impressed me, the way the whole story is put together. Who is whose father, who's a son. What would it look like later, and as before. Science Fiction always affects my imagination. There is also a continuous adventure here, and it is easy to be surprised from everywhere - after all, the species allows a lot. Hundreds of strange creatures, various cities or technology that is hard to imagine.

Direction: George Lucas
Scenario: George Lucas
Release date(world): 1977
Type: Science Fiction
Mark Hamill: Luke Skywalker
Harrison Ford: Han Solo

At least so many written words, in this case there is nothing to spare. However, I would gladly criticize and expose all imperfections to the surface. If Star Wars had arisen in the present years, would probably be a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe a little more ambitious, but nothing more. What Star Wars possesses unlike the other, it is a philosophical substitute. Good and bad path. Some secret force permeating all of us, one could even refer to God. This bit of depth does, that it is a valuable film to some extent. How would I compare the story to The Lord of the Rings. I would say, that the story of the dwarves is a little more mature. The internal combat of the heroes is much better developed. I beg to say, I am not a fanatic of either one or the other. I try to be objective.
I could object to incorrectness, just if there is any sense? After all, this movie is several decades old. The space fights are well done, very dynamic. On the other hand, the clash between Obi Wan and Darth Vader is a classic in itself - they stand in front of each other and touch each other with swords as slowly as possible. I do believe, that back then the glowing swords themselves made a colossal impression, so nobody focused too much on dynamics.

It's nice to watch Star Wars. A bit like such a fairy tale, supposedly for children, kind of for adults. Anyway, man is not bored. However, this is not an artifact for me. It's worth pointing out, that this film is no longer just an interesting picture watched in the cinema or on DVD. This is a huge world, living a life of its own. Object of worship. Figurines, cards, computer games, board, T-shirts, posters. 4 billions of dollars from Box Office alone. (All parts)

Observation: According to various sources, the death star had 140 kilometers in diameter. Certainly for this reason, was able to ship at most 5 x-wing combat ships. Which most likely were the size to 5-10 meters.

Star Wars Episode IV: I take care of New Hope 2 1st in the science fiction category for the best American movies of all time.

– unique world of star wars
– hey adventure

– some shortcomings

Rating: 7/10 – Good