Back to the Future - Review

Back to the Future - Review

I admit, that I am writing this review from memory. I watched "Return ..." several times, so I hope to be authorized to write about him. The first time I saw, that the American Film Institute hailed the film a classic. I was a little surprised. But does it not deserve such a name? The whole problem with this genre, Back to the Future to jest science fiction. I don't think much of it, however, meets the requirements. After all, the time travel machine does not exist. So trivial, which is cool. The outline of relationships between people is very interesting. The main character and how his actions affect his whole life. This certainly gives food for thought, although it's more of a teen movie.

Direction: Robert Zemeckis
Scenario: Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis
Release date(world): 1985
Type: Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
Michael J. Fox: Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd: Dr Emmett Brown

I will not write about this production. Everyone was watching it for sure. Christopher Lloyd's great role. Michael J. Fox can not be faulted either. (later in the game he plays two characters). It is production, which can certainly stimulate the imagination. Not only on scientific topics, but also how much in our lives depends on us. Marty's father is a loser who lives in fear of his former school "friend", and the current boss Biff Tannen. Dr. Emmett Brown is a friend of the main character, crazy scientist (stealing a platoon from Libyan terrorists). There is of course a girl and a few characters, everyone knows. Everything tends to shift in time Marty. Probably more adventure in it, than science fiction but it's hard.
DeLorean car ("Time machine" 🙂 can be bought from 10 thousand $, such prices are on ebay. Interesting facts, film errors listed on filmweb. I will not rummage there, if I'm interested in someone, please. I just want this car. For a year or so, it would be enough for me. Only this price, more than 30 thousand for 30 summer car. Difficulty with access, I don't think I'll buy it.

It's much better to show our children, "Return ..." than "Kevin". I guess it goes without saying why. The main advantage is this, how well all parts of the trilogy come together. Though the third one seems to have been done a bit by force. It is hard to talk about the pleasure of watching, as I have seen so many times "Back to the Future". Time to live here and now, and not going back to the past.

Back to the Future I do 10 1st in the science fiction category for the best American movies of all time.

– great special effects
– the atmosphere of the 50s


Rating: 7/10 – Good