The Hoosiers - review

The Hoosiers - review

The movie got 2 Oscar nominations. It is based on facts, when in 1956 small town squad gets into state competition. What's interesting, he is very good. First Story by David Anspaugh, not very popular artist - certainly in Poland. After carefully tracing its production. I will admit, something else of value could be found there. Master Throw, cinema to be viewed by the entire team (possibly a family), trainer, charges. I give us a lot of entertainment in the form of games and something more. First impressions, it's like the always wonderful Gene Hackman. Seemed to be, that it could be one of my favorite movies. However, only half of you can feel the feeling of communing with a masterpiece. The second hour is, unfortunately, eating the cream from the cake.

Direction: David Anspaugh
Scenario: Angelo Pizzo
Release date(world): 1986
Type: Sporty
Gene Hackman: Norman Dale
Barbara Hershey: Myra Fleener

A small town living with basketball needs a person, which would train their representatives. The choice falls on Norman Dale(Hackman), after 10 years of break in the profession returns. They may be surprised at the ways it wants to squeeze out of 7 wards' efficiency. But as we know, the final result counts. At this point, The Hoosiers deserve a lot of attention. The film perfectly shows the educational mechanisms operating in a group. When to punish, when to reward? Building the authority of the trainer, will be tantamount to scoring points by the team. Rather, this is where the main idea ends, popular "depth". The rest is mostly basketball-related emotions, which are not too many. And, of course, a few side plots, which are much more interesting. They sharpen the character of the main character. As already mentioned, for the first hour you can be delighted. In the second, we will see at most this, what can be seen in a good movie.

This is my second review of a sports movie. Overall, the genre is not very special to me. The Hoosiers convinced me more of this kind of cinema. The championship throw is not only a way of gaining a lot of points on the court, but not always a nice path to respect. For this reason, it is a very good cinema for me.

I take care of The Hoosiers 4 1st in the sports category for the best American movies of all time.

– trainer relations -> team
– basketball is a cultural sport

– sometimes it will blow with cliche

Rating: 8/10 – very good