The Day the Earth Stood Still – recenzja

The Day the Earth Stood Still – recenzja

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a pure classic. There are few science fiction movies and not much at all, which we associate so much with the word classic. On the other hand, watching this production today, we can not count on much. The plot has a lot of inaccuracies and can be naive. Dialogues and the way they are presented raise a lot of doubts, but this music ...

If I were to watch this movie again, it's probably mainly for the moments with this melody. Music created by Mr. Bernard Herrmann. He created songs for such little-known movies as Birds, Vertigo, Psychosis - Hitchock, Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro or Citizen Kane. I once heard a remix of this track (Outer Space) very interesting, with a woman's voice against the background of that "cosmic" sound.

Unfortunately, the costumes are not among the strengths of "The day earth ...". Robot - the main character also arouses pity in the era of Avatars and other such. On the other hand, I will admit, that were my first impressions. It's much better after getting caught up in a movie. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" tells the story of an alien from another planet who wants to connect with people. He is greeted with tanks. As it turns out quickly, it doesn't bother him much. The beginning of the movie is interesting and a bit mysterious. There is a reason why the remake of 2008 the year begins in a similar way. Klaatu (because that's the name of a stranger) I want to talk to the most important representative of the Earth, which is already a problem because our planet does not have someone like that. This is quite an interesting theme - I show divisions between people, albeit as I wrote, there are also some logical errors or naive behavior in the film.

One cannot have reservations about the actors' play, they are doing their job well. To, that dialogues are not always brilliant, it is not their fault. I enjoyed this movie pretty well, it is quite interesting to get to know our planet with a stranger. Certain things can be irritating, however, it can be survived somehow. I would advise against watching the remake from 2008 year, which is just lame. But if I had to choose between the Day the Earth stopped, a Body Snatchers, I would choose the former.

The day the Earth stopped is occupied 5 1st in the science fiction category for the best American movies of all time.

Rating: 6/10