Biomed – Lublin

Biomed – Lublin. Manufacturing Plant of Sera and Vaccines.

Biomed-Lublin Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek S.A.. - a Polish pharmaceutical company produces medicinal preparations, medical devices and laboratory reagents, operating from 1944 Year.

History of the Biomed company – Lublin goes back a year 1944, when the Laboratory for the Production of Vaccine Against Typhoid was launched at the National Institute of Hygiene in Lublin (the later Production Plant of Vaccines against Dur Osutkowy them. Rudolf Weigl), and shortly thereafter, the Serowic and Vaccine Production Plant. Initially, vaccines against rabies were produced, dysentery, typhoid fever and the nonspecific stimulus vaccine according to Delbet, as well as anti-diphtheria and anti-tetanus serum. In 1951 year both plants merged, creating the Lublin Serum and Vaccine Factory. In the years 1951–1960, the company grew significantly, increased employment, expanded production departments and expanded its range.

In 1959 Biomed company – Lublin started the production of the Polio vaccine against Heine-Media's disease and started the production of a bacterial preparation called Lakcid. In 1960 year it was renamed the Production Plant of Surowic and Vaccines in Lublin. Patch 60. XX century, is the period of research and development on, among others. obtaining a polyvalent vaccine against influenza viruses "Picorna".

In 1976 In the same year, the Biomed label was reorganized – Lublin: four production departments were established: Vaccines Department, Chemistry and Auxiliary Production, Faculty of Virology, Department of Serum and Laboratory Animals, Department of Protein Fractions and Organopreparations. As a result of these activities, the company began introducing new technologies, modernization of devices, expanding the range. At the end of the years 90. the Biomed label was privatized, what the result, 30 of December 1999 Year, a company was established under the name of "Biomed" Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek Sp. z o.o. in Lublin. In connection with entering the stock exchange, it was transformed into a joint-stock company in December 2010 R. The company has been listed since July 2011 year on the NewConnect market. 30 January 2015 Biomed-Lublin made its debut on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Biomed is one of the 11 Lublin companies listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Currently, Biomed – Lublin deals with the production of medicinal preparations, medical devices and laboratory reagents (used in biochemical and medical laboratories).

In August 2020 Biomed-Lublin has started the production of anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoglobulin from the plasma of convalescents for the needs of clinical trials. 23 On September, the first stage of the production of this preparation was completed. Biomed – Lublin is the first in the world to be proud of the production of a drug for covid virus – (SARS-CoV-2).

Biomed-Lublin produces over 60 products, these are e.g.:

-Gamma anty-D
-Gamma anty HBs
-BCG vaccine