Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek is a Canadian television series created by Dan and Eugene Levy, which has been broadcast on CBC since 13 January 2015 do 7 April 2020.

Consists of 80 episodes spread over six seasons. Produced by Not a Real Company Productions, the series follows the trials and tribulations of the former wealthy Rose family, when they are forced to move to Schitt's Creek, small town, which they once bought as a joke. Now they live in a motel, Johnny rose ( Eugene Levy ) i Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara ) – along with their adult children David ( And Levy ) i Alexis ( Annie Murphy ) – they have to adapt to a life without money and with each other.

The series was made, while Dan Levy wondered, how would wealthy families, often portrayed on American reality television, react , if they were deprived of all their money. He continued to develop the series along with his father, Eugene’em, before donating the series to several chains in Canada and the United States. The series was first sold to CBC in Canada and secured final financing, to be able to start producing for sale for Pop TV in the United States, where he made his debut 11 February 2015 R.

Schitt's Creek has received critical acclaim, especially for the texts, humor and acting. The series won various awards, including two ACTRA awards and 18 Canadian Screen Awards . This is the first Canadian comedy series, which was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Series. He has also received two Screen Actors Guild nominations , including for the outstanding performance of the team in a comedy series and jointly 19 Primetime Emmy nomination , including for the best comedy series . The program received 15 of these nominations for its sixth and final season. For the role of LGBTQ people + , the series won once and was nominated twice for the GLAAD Media Award for Best Comedy Series. On 72 The Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony in the series' final season won the award for Outstanding Comedy Series . For his roles, Eugene Levy won the award for Best Leading Actor , Catherine O'Hara for Best Leading Actress , Dan Levy for Best Supporting Actor , and Annie Murphy for Best Supporting Actress in Comedy. Dan Levy also won Outstanding Screenplay and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series with Andrew Cividino . Schitt's Creek set the record for the most Emmy Awards in a single season on a comedy series. It is also the first time, when the entire nominated cast of the comedy series received a victory for each of the main players in one season.

Summary of the show

Rose's wealthy family – video store magnate Johnny ( Eugene Levy), his wife and former soap opera actress Moira ( Catherine O’Hara ) and their spoiled adult children David and Alexis ( Dan Levy i Annie Murphy ) – they lost their fortune after that, how they were cheated by their business manager. They are forced to rebuild their lives with their only asset remaining: a little town called Schitt's Creek, which Johnny bought David as a humorous birthday present in 1991 Year. The Roses move to Schitt's Creek, moving to two adjoining rooms in a run-down motel. As the family adjusts to its new life, their affluent attitudes come into conflict with the more provincial people of Schitt's Creek, including Mayor Roland Schitt ( Chris Elliott ), his wife Jocelyn ( Jenn Robertson ) and the motel manager Stevie. Budd ( Emily Hampshire ).

Cast and characters

Main characters
Eugene Levy jako Johnny Rose
Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose
Dan Levy and David Rose
Annie Murphy jako Alexis Rose
Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd, motel clerk, and later the motel owner
Jenn Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt, the mayor's wife
Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt, mayor
Tim Rozon as Mutt Schitt (seasons 1-3; guest season 4), son of Roland and Jocelyn and Alexis' old love
Dustin Milligan jako Ted Mullens, local veterinarian and Alexis' boyfriend
Sarah Levy jako Twyla Sands, cafe waitress
John Hemphill jako Robert „Bob” Currie, owner of Bob's Garage and member of the City Council
Karen Robinson division Veronica “Ronnie” Lee, member of the city council
Noah Reid and Patrick Brewer (season 4-6; recurring season 3), David's business partner and husband

Cyclic characters
Rizwan Manji as Ray Bhutan, the only real estate agent in the city and a former member of the city council
Marilyn Bellfontaine jako Gwen Currie, Bob's wife.
Robin Duke as Wendy Kurtz, clothes shop owner and David's former employer
Jasmin Geljo as Ivan, baker, who supplies the motel with cakes
Ennis Esmer jako Emir Kaplan, travel blogger and former Stevie enthusiast
Steve Lund as former Jake, Stevie i David, who is dating them at the same time.

Schitt's Creek is filmed with a single camera, no live audience, no laughter. Internal scenes from the first two seasons were filmed at Pinewood Toronto Studios in Toronto, while the in-house scenes of season three were filmed at Dufferin Gate Studios in Toronto. Indoor scenes were also filmed at Revival Studios in Toronto for an unknown number of seasons. The remainder of the series is shot in Goodwood, Ontario , in the Durham Regional Borough of the Greater Toronto Area and Mono, Ontario., where motel scenes are filmed. Goodwood was one of the 30 cities, which was investigated for the fictitious location of Schitt's Creek, before production of the series began in 2014 Year.

During the course of the series, the series was shot in several additional locations. Season 1's first shot shows Lisa Vanderpump's former Beverly Park mansion as the facade of the Rose family's mansion. Interior shots of the Rose family estate were filmed in a mansion inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Toronto. Main Street Stouffville, Ontario, served as the filming location for an unspecified number of scenes in the show's first two seasons. Scenes with the fictional retailer Blouse Barn in seasons two and three were filmed on Main Street in Unionville, Ontario . In the fourth episode of the season “„Jazzaguy ”, “Spa retreat scenes, were filmed on site at the Monte Carlo Inn in Vaughan, Ontario . Exterior photography also took place at Rattlesnake Point in Milton, Ontario in season five of "The Trip". In the Season Six's Smoke Signals , series filmed at Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto wedding venue. The series also shot at the Bay-Adelaide Center and Toronto-Dominion Center in the sixth season episode ” The Pitch .” Additional photos for several episodes of season six took place at a local motel in Brantford, Ontario .