Covid virus infection stages

Stages and symptoms of Covid virus infection:

Symptoms appear from the third day after infection (viral symptoms).
1 phase;

– Body ache
– From reason
– Headache
– vomiting
– diarrhea

Runny or nasal congestion
– Schedule
– Burning eyes
– Burning while urinating
– Fever
– Drapanie w gardle (sore throat)

Very important is, to count the days of symptoms: 1, 2, 3.
– Take action, before the fever occurs.
– Be careful, very important is, to drink plenty of fluids, especially purified water. Drink a lot of water, so as not to keep the throat dry and clear the lungs.

2 phase; (4 do 8 day) inflammation.

– Loss of taste and / or smell
– Fatigue with minimal effort
– pain in the chest (Chest)
– Chest tightness
– Lower back pain (in the area of ​​the kidneys)

The virus attacks the nerve endings;
The difference between fatigue and shortness of breath:
• Air shortage is taking place, when the person is sitting – without any effort – and is short of breath;
• Fatigue is then, when the person is moving, to do something simple and feel tired.

Requires a lot of hydration and vitamin C..

Covid-19 binds oxygen, so the blood quality is poor and contains less oxygen.

3 phase – healing;

– 9 the healing phase begins on the day, which may take up to 14 day (convalescence).
– Do not delay treatment, the sooner, the better!

Good luck everyone!
Better to follow these recommendations, prevention is never too much!
• Sit in the sun by 15-20 minutes
• Rest and sleep for at least 7-8 Hours.
• Drink 1 and half a liter of water a day
• All food should be hot (not cold).
– remember, that the pH of the coronavirus ranges from 5,5 do 8,5.
So everything, what we have to do, to eliminate the virus, it is eating more alkaline foods, above the viral acid level.
– Bananas, Lime → 9,9 pH
– Yellow lemon → 8,2 pH
– An avocado – pH 15,6
– Garlic – pH 13,2
– Mango – pH 8,7
– Mandarin – pH 8,5
– Pineapple – 12,7 pH
– Watercress – 22,7 pH
– Oranges – 9,2 pH

How do you know, that you have Covid-19 ?!
– itchy throat
– Dry throat
– Dry cough
– High temperature
– Breathing difficulties
– Loss of smell and taste