How to dry mushrooms

How to dry mushrooms


In the fall, mushroom pickers are very active. Nothing gives them more pleasure than a basket of mushrooms that you pick yourself. Boletus, boots and boletes are often dried mushrooms. There are many ways, which will allow the mushrooms to dry, yes, so that they are edible and retain their characteristic smell.

Drying in the sun: clean the mushrooms thoroughly, we check if they are not wormy, and above all, whether they are edible and cut them into slices. Then put them on a tray and cover with a paper towel, to protect them from flies or pests. Leave the prepared mushrooms in the sun, to dry naturally. Please note, that while cooking mushrooms, they must not be washed.

Mushrooms can also be dried in many other ways. They can be stuffed on a thread and hung over a gas stove, stove or other place, which radiates heat.

Drying the mushrooms in the oven is another method. Put the pieces of mushrooms on the baking tray and put them in the preheated oven 50 degrees Celsius. Please note, in order not to exceed this temperature. A better and faster effect can be obtained by inverting the mushrooms.

You can also use a special mushroom dryer and follow the instructions provided. Please note, to store the dried mushrooms in tightly closed containers or jars. Thanks to this, it will be possible to prepare delicious dishes regardless of the season.