Description of the heroes of the film- Polish-Russian War

Description of the heroes of the film- Polish-Russian War.

Film directed by Xawery Żurawski "Polish-Russian war under the white and red flag", based on the book by Dorota Masłowska, is full of controversial and unusual events and cases, and unique characters. All the characters are residents of urban blocks of flats. They lead a sedentary lifestyle in backyards and estates, they fall in love here, abandon, they fight, they're playing, boring, they work - they live. Despite, that the characters represent certain social types, that's actually how they're constructed, that at some moments they seem to have been cut out of the pages of some very crazy comic book: absurd behavior, grotesque personality, all the distinctive features are exaggerated, even their appearance is greatly exaggerated.

The main character in "Polish-Russian War" is Silny, that is Andrzej Robakowski (about 26 years old). Seems, he's the one who rules the place. It looks truly extraordinary: heavily "accidental", bald (devoid of even eyebrows and eyelashes!), always wearing his favorite tracksuit, he really looks…strong. He spends most of his time in the neighborhood, for when we know him he is not working, nor does he attend any school. The young man prefers a rather hedonistic lifestyle, additionally, he likes to stimulate his psycho-physical system by using various types of stimulants: amphetamine, smoking, but also likes to take a slightly larger dose of painkillers, he also does not shy away from the company of the opposite sex. He comes from an ordinary family. He uses rather unsophisticated vocabulary and seemingly – his lifestyle is just as simple. Strong is an anti-globalist, so he hates the West, in particular America. He is equally hostile to the Russians, whom he blames for all the misfortunes happening not only in the country, but also in his neighborhood. However, as the story unfolds, it turns out, that this neighborhood slacker has an inner life. We notice a hint of romance in it, when he is madly in love and tries to win over Magda. The feeling for the woman seems to be really strong, i mimo, that he does not avoid other ladies, and his jealousy sometimes exaggerated, it is actually this one that is present throughout the action. Strong can also be friendly and helpful, which manifests itself in. when meeting Angela. In the finale of the film, he changes from a neighborhood muscleman with disturbed thought processes into a boy lost in his world, who doesn't quite understand, is it his life, Is it just a movie… Strong sometimes has trouble distinguishing reality from fiction. Strong is played by Borys Szyc. Undoubtedly, the actor turned out to be a great choice, because it not only visually fits perfectly into this role. Szyc's portrayal of Strong is extremely interesting, realistic, and additionally not deprived of lightness, panache and humour.

Magda (in this role by Roma Gąsiorowska), Strong's beloved, is a young and attractive girl from the estate, having dreams, like any other girl, that is, to be famous, beautiful and rich. For this reason, first of all, he carefully cares about his appearance: short skirts, harsh makeup, heavily bleached blonde hair, skin browned by tanning lamps. Magda is obsessively afraid of being overweight, and selects only top-shelf cosmetics. She takes part in the Miss election during the city festival, and decides to place her feelings in the person of the rich and handsome Lewy. However, the girl is attached to Strong to some extent, even though their relationship is a series of spectacular departures and returns. She loves him and hates him at the same time, sometimes manipulating and deceiving. Magda's closest friend is Arleta (Magdalena Czerwinska), not very friendly to Strong, attractive bartender in a local dive.

One evening on the bridge, Silny meets Andżela, a girl who prefers a gothic dress code, and the same dark and enigmatic way of being. Angela, played by Maria Strzelecka, is filled with melancholy and pessimism. As the action progresses, it turns out, that she is a very sensitive young woman with a slightly warped imagination and suicidal thoughts. A young poet, the virgin is unhappily in love with the son of the owner of the pen factory, Zdzisław Sztorm. Despite, that Strong initially has unambiguous intentions towards Angela, consequently they find a common language, they arrange a "funeral" for the unfortunately deceased dog and together they plan to attack the rich Sztorm.

Another woman in the life of Silny is Natasza Blokus, played by Sonia Bohosiewicz. It's really "manly", strong and energetic. The viewers first of all let herself be known as an ardent lover of smelling powdered soups and arranging a total demolition. High, a well-built woman in a tracksuit is the main originator of organizing a robbery on the rich Storm. Appears in part of the movie, however, the character was constructed and - above all - played - in such a way that it is impossible to erase this hyperactive chieftain from memory. Peaceful volunteer Alicja (Anna Prus) Strong meets during the festival. An eyeglass from a good home seems extremely boring to him, however, they end up at her apartment together and spend the entire afternoon there. She is a typical nerd looking down at the bald guy from the estate. She is a student of economics, extremely modest, arranged, a bit naive. He likes his budgies, mascots gathered in the room and colorful magazines. He hates smoking cigarettes, and the use of all kinds of drugs. The group of women appearing in Silny's lush life includes his mother played by Ewa Kasprzyk, typical woman from the block, grilling sausages on a Sunday afternoon with the whole family. of great importance in his existence, as well as in the existence of all the characters in the film, plays … Dorota Masłowska. The author of the book appears in the film in a double role. At first, she appears as a teenager, which instead of preparing for matura exams, creates strange stories in his head. We then see her as a policewoman interrogating Strong, which reveals to him the extraordinary relativity of the world in which he lives. Whenever, when Masłowska appears, no matter what role, it breaks up the fictionality of the presented world and disturbs the autonomy of the plot. It is like a resonator of all events and characters, distancing himself from everything that happens on the big screen.

Apart from Silny, men are unlikely to participate actively in the course of the action. I have to mention Leo, played by Michał Czernecki, who is a young businessman on the estate, with a car and a slightly thicker wallet than his colleagues. It is with him that Strong competes for Magda's attention, he eventually pulls an unconscious Strong off the city bus, then a fight breaks out between them, followed by a joint visit to the police station. Brother Strong is played by Piotr Więcławski, father - Ireneusz Kozioł. A skinny friend of the main character also appears in the film, Kacperek - Bartholomew Firlet.