Trivia related to the movie – Polish-Russian War

Trivia related to the movie – Polish-Russian War.

"Polish-Russian war under the white and red flag" is a film adaptation, which is very popular with viewers. Even before the premiere, there were talks about the film, and the greatest interest was related to the fact that Dorota Masłowska's rather specific prose had to be transferred to the language of film. Even the lead actor, Borys Szyc couldn't imagine it at first, that it may be possible and will bring satisfactory results. There are also many interesting facts about the film, especially regarding the preparations related to the screening.

One of the curiosities is, that it was considered to entrust Wiktor Grodecki with the function of director of the film, who, however, was forced to refuse due to other professional commitments. The first version could also have been directed by Jan Jakub Kolski, because it was the character of this creator that the producers also thought about. Ultimately, however, Jacek Samojłowicz (producer), after watching "Chaos" by Xawery Żuławski, decided to entrust him with the implementation of "The Polish-Ruthenian War". Żuławski is also responsible for creating the script for the film.

Director and screenwriter, Xawery Zulawski, does not remember well his first contact with reading "Polish-Ruthenian War under the white and red flag". He admits, that sitting down to read, only got through the first ten pages, after which he gave up continuing - until the time of writing the screenplay based on the book.

Eryk Lubos was originally supposed to play the main character in the film, but he did not like the timing of the start of filming. Ultimately, Borys Szyc became Strong. The author of the book proposed this actor to the producers of the film, Dorota Maslowska.

Borys Szyc prepared himself very carefully for the role. He must have gone through a real metamorphosis, to resemble the outward appearance of the character he plays. So he shaved his hair, and even had his eyebrows and eyelashes trimmed and lightened. In addition, a trainer and a nutritionist were hired especially for the actor, who took care to gain the right body weight. So Szyc spent many hours in the gym, to look like a real "neighborhood packer". However, the goal was achieved, because both critics, and the audience unanimously agreed, that Szyc played so credibly, as if he grew up in one of these blocks of flats.

Dorota Maslowska, the author of the literary prototype of "The Polish-Ruthenian War" not only played in the film, but she was also present on the set during the shooting and closely followed the production process.

The photos for the film were made in the period from 6 May to 18 June 2008 year. The film locations were located in Warsaw, Sopot, Wejherowie, as well as in Gdynia. The total budget was approx. 4 PLN million.

The premiere took place 22 house 2009 year. In the first weekend after the premiere, cinema screenings were attended 85.070 viewers, co, like our country, is a really satisfactory result. On one of 73 copy of the film was therefore the result 1.165 viewers.