The concept of a mermaid, has so many meanings in Polish, that, unfortunately, it is impossible to list them all at once.

First of all, we immediately associate the mermaid with a mythological figure. Anyway, in Warsaw you can see the monument to the Warsaw Mermaid, that is, characters, who is half female and half fish. In theory, however, they were considered women in mythology, which seduced sailors with their singing. And later, unfortunately, they did not dry them off their islands.

Another meaning of the siren, identifies marine mammals. Interestingly, these aquatic mammals, they are descended from primitive mammals. They also come from the Eocene or the Oligocene. Unfortunately, this could not be precisely determined. Nevertheless, today they live only in tropical waters,

Thinking about the concept of a siren. One more variety can be found here. Namely, the sirens. They are usually turned on to raise an alarm. For example, a fire siren, flood siren. There are different lengths of sounds in the recipes.

We, Poles, we should not forget about one more very popular type of mermaid. It is Syrena's car, which has been produced since 1957 do 1983 year. This is a car model, over half a million units have been produced. It enjoyed great popularity. Especially, that it was one of the few car models available at that time.