Is plain yogurt healthy?

Is plain yogurt healthy?

Natural yoghurt is becoming more and more popular. Many of us choose to introduce it into our diet, being convinced, that it is a healthy product. What, then, speaks for the accuracy of such an opinion?

Natural yoghurt is a product created as a result of the activity of lactic acid bacteria. Thanks to this, it gains a number of fantastic properties.

Thanks to the content of lactic acid bacteria, natural yoghurt can be called a pro-biotic product. Means, that living organisms in it have the ability to colonize our digestive tract and exert a good effect on it. These bacteria support digestive processes, regulate the rhythm of bowel movements, they prevent both diarrhea, and constipation. They also reduce the risk of developing a bacterial infection and cancer. They make the organism resistant to diseases. Additionally, natural yogurt helps in the treatment of post-antibiotic diarrhea and restores the body's balance.

Natural yogurt is also an excellent source of easily digestible calcium, necessary for the proper structure of bones and teeth.

It is a product with a low caloric density and low glycemic index, therefore it can be consumed by people on a reducing diet and suffering from diabetes.

It can also successfully replace cream in everyday cooking. This will reduce the caloric value of our diet.

Natural yoghurt is a healthy and nutritious product, which certainly cannot be missing from our daily menu.