However, the world hit in terms of medical production has become the cult "Er”. The author of the script for the American blockbuster was Michael Crichton himself, who was also its director for some time. Then it replaced him until 9 other directors, including the great Steven Spielberg himself. This series became a turning point in the career of star Georg Clooney, który był dwukrotnie nominowany do Nagrody Emmy za rolę lekarza Douga Rossa. Aktor gromadził widownię sięgającą aż czterdzieści milionów widzów. The series was also important in the career of actress Julianna Marguiles.

"ER" had as many as fifteen seasons, three hundred and thirty-four episodes were produced. It showed everyday work at the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago. It has been broadcast since 1994 roku aż do 2009, that's why it was rightly called the "serial dinosaur". He started the fashion for the so-called medical dramas. Michael Crichton - writer and television producer, who created “Er” he was honored for the script of the series, among others. the Award of the Screenwriters Guild.